young justice

What’s the Chin been up to?

As I’m preparing to go wild and crazy at a local club tonight, I feel like it’s time for one of these really general posts, in which I tell you about all the little things that I’ve been up to lately, but that don’t really deserve their own post. So, dear readers, what have I been doing? Well, click past the cut, and find out!


Strange Sunday – Sidekicks & sponsored heroes

Lately, I’ve been watching a show I should have started watching some time ago: Young Justice. It’s all about those sidekicks of well-known DC heroes, working together as a team to prove their own heroic worth. It’s a cool concept, putting the spotlight on the number twos. It also got me thinking: why always play the big ones in games, when so much can be told from the point-of-view of the up-and-coming? That’s why I dedicate this week’s Strange Sunday to the sidekicks & sponsored heroes, showing you some cool themes that can be explored from their perspective!