White Knighting Sarkeesian…again

feminism glass ceiling

“No more need for feminism” by ladylaguna

Alright, you might think that there are a few other things I should or could write about today. You might think I should write another edition of Geek Jitsu, considering it’s Wednesday. However, since I’m busy compiling and writing the first PDF version of that column, there won’t be a Geek Jitsu every Wednesday for the next weeks. I can only provide you with so much healthy advice. Still, there’s this E3 thingy going on, and you bet I have an opinion about that. Well sure I do, but there’s something else I have to get out of my system (which is related to the E3).

Last week, I wrote a post about how all these male gamers should take a chill pill and let Sarkeesian share her opinion on the role of the female gender in gaming. A few days ago, Sarkeesian tweeted about the lack of female protagonists in the games presented during E3. When I saw it, I just thought “meh, didn’t bother me” and went on with my life. However, a gazillion wannabe alpha-males out there had to interrupt their schedules to bring down some “righteous” fury on Sarkeesian. A most “enjoyable” compilation can be found here.

I hate playing the White Knight for people who are fully capable of defending themself, but these tweets just raise the question why there’s so many gamers  who get all tense and aggressive when someone adds some feminism to their hobby. You might not like Sarkeesian’s opinion, but that’s no reason to call her a cunt or tell her that her statements make your manhood all limp. Those are the things you spew forth when you’re five and you have a disagreement with your big brother, not when you want to have serious dialogue with someone who doesn’t share your views.

Look, I’m not telling you guys to agree with Sarkeesian. I don’t even fully agree with her, but you don’t see me sending her hate-tweets, hoping her life ends in some cruel way. What I am telling you, though, is that you should finally grow up and just argue with her like an adult. Write your own blog posts about this, send her e-mails or contact her in any other way. That will certainly get your message across as well, while opening up some healthy dialogue we can all learn from.

I hope this is the last post I have to dedicate to this topic, and that we all can just get along, no matter if we want our video game protagonists to be male or female. One love, guys and gals. One love.

Tweeting Dungeon World

dungeon world owl bear

“Owlbear” by Kyle Ferrin

Last Sunday, I told you about how my crew and I were brewing up a nice little setting for a Dungeon World one-shot. Well, we’ll be playing today, and you can watch it live!

Alright, you can’t exactly watch it, but starting tonight at about 18:30 GMT+1, I’ll be tweeting about what’s going on at the game. Before that, you’ll also hear about the character creation and crazy talk my group and I have around the table.

So, if you want to see what it’s like to have me as a GM, follow my tweets over here, and bathe in the madness that is about to be unleashed. Really, you will probably never ever see another game where the Roman Empire, the Industrial Revolution and space dragons meet each other.

Twitter’s the place to be, and I’ll be happy to hear from you there or right here in the comments.

Game on!

Tweeria – the lazy RPG of the social media generation

tweeria screenshot

Here’s a confession: I’m a social media addict. I check my Facebook account about a hundred times every day, and I’m more often on LinkedIn and Google+ than I’m willing to admit. However, there’s always been one social network that I never really got into: Twitter. Sure, I can understand why it is so awesome: short messages using lots of abbreviations and hashtags are an interesting way to tell the world about your daily endeavours, but the confines of the 160 characters per message always irritated me. Yes, as you can see on the right, I’ve embraced Twitter for the sake of this blog, but I still have to acquire its taste. One of the things that helps me doing so is Tweeria.

Tweeria is probably the laziest RPG ever created. You link your Twitter account to your Tweeria account, and every time you tweet something to the world-wide web, your Tweeria hero does something. By using the right words, you can cast spells and do other heroic things, but in the end, the actions caused by your short messages are rather random. However, the chaotic nature of this innocent game is rather charming, and earning a pair of boots for retweeting a celebrities’ update feels kind of cool.

Check it out, I’d say. The Chin needs some company in Tweeria!