torchlight 2

The Chin Reviews: Evoland

What, no Torchlight II this week? Nope, but instead of watching me play for thirty minutes, you can now watch me review Evoland in about two minutes! It’s the same amount of awesome in just a fraction of the time!

The Chin Plays: Torchlight II, Episode 2

I continue my journey in the world of Torchlight II, and you can come along! What dangers shall we fight, and why would anyone call a shotgun a “shotgonne”? Find out in the second episode of The Chin Plays: Torchlight II!

The Chin Plays: Torchlight II

Remember how I played TSW all month in March? Well, this month, it’s gonna be different. First of all, I won’t be playing TSW, but Torchlight II. Second, I’ll be taping myself while doing that, so you can watch how I slaughter monsters and collect fat loots! Today, I present to you the first installment of “The Chin Plays”. Happy viewing!