Shatter your fate with Shadow Era

As many of my previous posts proof, I’m a big fan of TCG’s. I’ve been dipping my toes into Magic now and then, supported HEX and have also devoted some webspace to Blizzard’s foray into the digital TCG market. One little gem that I haven’t covered yet is Shadow Era, a cross-platform digital TCG developed by Wulven Game Studios.

Shadow Era is, frankly, not very revolutionary when compared to other TCG’s. Deckbuilding and gameplay draw their inspiration from many other titles, and anyone who has ever invested some time and money into another card game will feel right at home. So why should you care then, if you might as well continue playing Hearthstone or good ol’ Magic? Well, for starters, Shadow Era is quick and simple. Understanding the mechanics isn’t hard, and matches are done within a few minutes. Also, the fact that you access the same account no matter from which device means that you can truly play it anywhere. Bored during lunch at work? Hit up the web-based version and play a quick match. Stuck at a boring Thanksgiving meal with the in-laws? Proof how stealthy you are and finish a match on your iPhone while pretending to care about your sister-in-law’s sob story!

If the accessibility of the game isn’t enough for you, take a look at what Wulven Game Studios is trying to kickstart right now. Shattered Fates will not just be another expansion with a bunch of cards, but will also introduce some quality-of-life enhancements and much awaited features like automated tournaments and an auction house.

Right now, the KS is nearing the half-way mark with two weeks left. It’s gonna be a close one. If Wulven Game Studios makes it, Shadow Era will be all the more worth to check out. So, either pump some money towards the TCG-loving Canadians, or give the game a spin on their homepage.

Just be careful when playing during visits to your in-laws: actually playing during dinner might not be worth the consequences. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

It’s a great time to love (digital) card games

As my recent posts about the mother of all trading card games show, I am a big fan of the genre. Something about building your own deck, tinkering with it game after game, until you have the ultimate tool to wreak havoc on your friend’s cards is just alluring, and there’s a reason I keep trying different TCG’s over and over again. It’s great to know then that several big fishes of the industry are about to launch a few new titles, and this post is dedicated to three digital TCG’s I’m looking forward to.


Blizzard Hearthstones into the TCG business…again


Hey, remember that TCG using Blizzard’s top-selling IP? Well, seems that Blizzard doesn’t, because they decided to make their own, free-to-play TCG called Hearthstone. The game has been announced this morning at PAX East, and opinions range from fanboy’ish squeals to devastating comments on the well-known forums.

Personally, I feel a bit let down. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect too much from the announcement in the first place. While I hoped for more info on that mysterious project “Titan”, I knew that we wouldn’t learn more about that. However, hearing about this…perculiar foray into the F2P market is something that somehow puts me off-balance. Is it a way for Blizz to test the waters, being the harbinger of a potential F2P conversion of World of Warcraft? Or is the behemoth among game developers trying to carve out a niche in the smartphone / mobile gaming market?

Whatever it is, from what we have seen so far of Hearthstone, I’m not impressed. It looks like Blizzard doesn’t draw from the already existing TCG, which is considering its quality a real shame. I hope that Blizzard is not creating an extremely simple game to catch a few quick bucks, and is just trying something new.

Beta launches this summer, so I guess we will know more then. Patience’s a virtue!

It’s a kind of Magic

mana magic symbols

“Magic the Gathering Mana” by hush66

Last weekend, I did something I should have done a long time ago: for the first time in a few years, I bought and played with Magic cards. I didn’t just buy a few packs and a theme deck, no: I got myself a whole booster box of Gatecrashand Winston Drafted my Saturday night away with my buddy Dee. I had totally forgotten how much fun this game is, and now I’m considering getting back into the game. Should I, or should I not? This article is devoted to my temptation to dive back into this time-consuming, money-devouring game, so why don’t you read further and see what I’m looking for in Magic: the Gathering.