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A few words about Tenra Bansho Zero

tenra bansho zero title image

Deciding to skip training because of a hypersensitive stomach might sound like a pussy cop-out, but the advantage of having some off-time on a Monday night is that I can dive into some nerdier forms of entertainment. I know that I should have played some TSW, but trust me, I’ll get to that this week. What I did instead was getting my buddy Dee on Skype to check out the fancy-named Tenra Bansho Zero, the first Japanese tabletop RPG that has received a translation. How cool is that, once you move past the funky name and rad artwork? Well, pretty damn cool!


Ingress – a few impressions

“Ingress Time!” by AtokNiiro

A few days ago, I told you that I had been invited to the Ingress beta, but was unable to test the game until my brand spanking new Nexus 4 would arrive. Well, the beautiful phone is in my possession since last Saturday, and I had some time to play around with Ingress. I will not provide you with a full-blown review, but just with a few impressions gathered during my few hours of hacking and (failing hard at) attacking Portals.