Your gamer friends vs. the rest

How some people see my gamer friends

How some people see my gamer friends

I will never complain about having friends. Really, I like the luxury of having a bunch of people I can call up whenever I want to, to do whatever we like to. I like that their interests, hobbies, hopes and dreams overlap with mine, and that they can stand me even on my worst days. The thing I don’t like about friends is that, sooner or later, you’ll have to sort them into different “circles” because some just don’t play well with each other. I’m not talking about friends that hate each other for some reason. What I’m talking about are friends from one side of your life who just don’t get the friends from the other side. The one side is in this case your “regular” social side (school, college, work), while the other side, your “true” side, is the geeky, nerdy, gaming side. While some of these friends will overlap, a large part will not, leaving you to divide your precious free time between the two camps.

But what can you do about it? We are all many-faceted personalities, and our choice of friends reflect that. I just need people who I can talk to about a rough day in the office, but I also need someone to geek out with when a new trailer for Days of Futures Past hits the net. I need people to get drunk with in the city, but I also need fellows to binge-game an entire weekend, living on nothing but pizza and the fading health of my body. I need diversity when it comes to my friends, so I will have to live with splitting my time between them.

It’s one of those social challenges we all have, but that are actually not problems at all. Some people just don’t get along well, but they all get along with you. Ain’t that just what counts?

So, readers, how do you cope with your gaming friends versus the rest of your social connections? Do you hop around between different circles, or do you drink your Friday pints with the same people you raid with twice a week? Let me know in the comments!

Tweeria – the lazy RPG of the social media generation

tweeria screenshot

Here’s a confession: I’m a social media addict. I check my Facebook account about a hundred times every day, and I’m more often on LinkedIn and Google+ than I’m willing to admit. However, there’s always been one social network that I never really got into: Twitter. Sure, I can understand why it is so awesome: short messages using lots of abbreviations and hashtags are an interesting way to tell the world about your daily endeavours, but the confines of the 160 characters per message always irritated me. Yes, as you can see on the right, I’ve embraced Twitter for the sake of this blog, but I still have to acquire its taste. One of the things that helps me doing so is Tweeria.

Tweeria is probably the laziest RPG ever created. You link your Twitter account to your Tweeria account, and every time you tweet something to the world-wide web, your Tweeria hero does something. By using the right words, you can cast spells and do other heroic things, but in the end, the actions caused by your short messages are rather random. However, the chaotic nature of this innocent game is rather charming, and earning a pair of boots for retweeting a celebrities’ update feels kind of cool.

Check it out, I’d say. The Chin needs some company in Tweeria!