The Destiny of multi-device games



Just a few hours ago, Bungie announced its much-awaited, rumours-surrounded project simply called Destiny. Going only by the short promotional video on the site and the concept art, I’m drooling like an idiot and having multiple nerdgasms (what, it’s easy to get me started!).

What’s even more interesting than the promotional talk and great artwork, is that short shot in the video. Y’know, the one where we see some kind of Destiny app running on a phone. It shows a character and a short chat with what seems to be another player. Well, my readers, it seems like Destiny will be build up from the ground to be used on multiple devices, which makes me even more excited than that cool looking tank in the picture above.

You see, when it comes to games, I always have the feeling that developers underestimate the possibilities of having access to (parts) of their creation from multiple devices, be it smartphone, browser or the client itself. In recent years, mobile apps like the WoW Armory and RIFT Mobile App have opened up MMORPG’s to your smartphone, and many titles allow access of some functions through your browser. However, I feel like more could be done, and I hope that Destiny will take a step into the right direction.

What I’m hoping for is mostly increased immersion, to be granted ways to dive into the digital world while not actually playing the game. I want to use my lunch break at work to see what’s going on in-game, and possibly have some ways to influence the world from my phone or browser. Of course, to really play the game I should be actually in the game (though…am I not also in the game when using other devices? This is getting philosophical…) but why shouldn’t I be able to see my party’s chat or fork over some credits, so they can buy that turret they need to hold back enemy forces?

Also, access to the game through other media increases immersion by making use of the nature of the medium. If a game is somehow linked to my social media, showing up in my stream and giving me access to the world through my Facebook / Twitter / what-have-you, it becomes a natural part of my daily life. I can’t evade it by simply not launching the client, for it will pop up while I’m checking my brother’s party pictures. It’s everyone’s marketers dream come true: customers can’t flee because the product has been nestled in their daily routine. Devilish!

But well, we’ll see what this suppossedly 10-year long epic will bring us. I will be hear keeping an eye on it, and reserving some MB on my phone’s hard drive for it’s awesome app!