Shatter your fate with Shadow Era

As many of my previous posts proof, I’m a big fan of TCG’s. I’ve been dipping my toes into Magic now and then, supported HEX and have also devoted some webspace to Blizzard’s foray into the digital TCG market. One little gem that I haven’t covered yet is Shadow Era, a cross-platform digital TCG developed by Wulven Game Studios.

Shadow Era is, frankly, not very revolutionary when compared to other TCG’s. Deckbuilding and gameplay draw their inspiration from many other titles, and anyone who has ever invested some time and money into another card game will feel right at home. So why should you care then, if you might as well continue playing Hearthstone or good ol’ Magic? Well, for starters, Shadow Era is quick and simple. Understanding the mechanics isn’t hard, and matches are done within a few minutes. Also, the fact that you access the same account no matter from which device means that you can truly play it anywhere. Bored during lunch at work? Hit up the web-based version and play a quick match. Stuck at a boring Thanksgiving meal with the in-laws? Proof how stealthy you are and finish a match on your iPhone while pretending to care about your sister-in-law’s sob story!

If the accessibility of the game isn’t enough for you, take a look at what Wulven Game Studios is trying to kickstart right now. Shattered Fates will not just be another expansion with a bunch of cards, but will also introduce some quality-of-life enhancements and much awaited features like automated tournaments and an auction house.

Right now, the KS is nearing the half-way mark with two weeks left. It’s gonna be a close one. If Wulven Game Studios makes it, Shadow Era will be all the more worth to check out. So, either pump some money towards the TCG-loving Canadians, or give the game a spin on their homepage.

Just be careful when playing during visits to your in-laws: actually playing during dinner might not be worth the consequences. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Participating in the War for the Overworld

war for the overworld wfto kickstarter

In January of this year, Subterranean Games ended its Kickstarter for War for the Overworld, a game that has been described and is to many the “official” spiritual successor of Dungeon Keepers. If you enjoy funny, yet somehow dark strategy games, you will have probably played at least one of the two Dungeon Keeper titles published by Bullfrog Productions. And, if you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for a part three for fourteen long, long years. Folks, let me tell you that War for the Overworld will be that part three.

Now, I might be getting ahead of myself here. Since Thursday, you can buy the Bedrock Beta of WFTO, and so far, there’s not much to do in-game. Sure, you can already dig your way through rocks and build a few rooms, but many other functions still have to be implemented. Luckily, the developers are really transparent when it comes to the design process. Weekly updates will expand the game gradually, and for €21, you can follow the evolution of this very promising game while being the first to play with the ever-expanding range of features. So far, it already feels and looks like Dungeon Keepers, which is causing the child inside of me to jump around like it skipped on his Ritalin prescription.

If you want to:

  • show your support for a great developer
  • your love for a successor to one of the funniest games in existence
  • be a part of a long, yet interesting design process

then you should certainly fork Subterranean Games some cash and be a part of this thingy. Be aware though that you’ll participate in a real beta, not something an MMO developer would call a beta just to cover up what is actually a soft launch. You will find bugs. Many bugs. You have been warned.

Then again, all the bugs in the world can’t live up to the fact that I’m digging tunnels again while staring at creepy yet cute minions. Must resist the urge to slap them too much…

Why White Wolf got me all hyped again

To be frank with you, dear readers: I owe my fascination for tabletop role-playing to the guys who brought us Vampire: the Masquerade and many more gothy titles. I’m talking about White Wolf, and these times are once again exciting times to be a White Wolf fan.

Basically, I love every game this company has published. Though I haven’t played all of them, if you would kick in my door and ask me to play in a Wraith chronicle, I would please ask you to fix my door and then grab my ten-sided dice. It’s something about the style these guys (and probably gals) have, and every rule and sourcebook from their writing forges is like a little masterpiece. Yeah, I’m exaggerating here, but that makes my point: White Wolf is the beginning of my role-playing career, and it will be my end. But not just yet, ’cause these heroes and their “daughter company” Onyx Path have a lot in the oven when it comes to feeding my gaming ADD:

  • First and foremost, Exalted 3. I freaking love Exalted. It’s not so much the clunky and often problematic rules I love, but the sheer proportions of the setting. When it comes to high, epic fantasy, Creation is my homebase, and there’s always some corner of the vast world that’s worth discovering. With Ex3, the rules and setting get a major overhaul, and I’m more than curious to see how the Chosen are put into a new, divine light. The Kickstarter for this should drop this month, so I’m holding on to my money!
  • Next up, the new World of Darkness is getting some major love with Mummy: the Curse and God-Machine Chronicles. The former brings a new splat to the nWoD, while the latter combines a kind of “1.5” rules update and chronicle in one for mortal characters. The other lines are getting re-worked books as well, so the entire world gets a fresh breeze of air.
  • Finally, there’s the ever-continuing support for the old WoD. After releasing the 20th Anniversary Edition of Vampire: the Masquerade, White Wolf / Onyx Path continue to publish re-worked and new books for the world that revolutionised role-playing games.

It’s hard to describe how pumped I am about all this, but you will surely hear more about all these new titles on this blog. In the mean time, I’ll be off to the drawing board to plan a Solar chronicle to dive right into Ex3 when it hits!