Why net neutrality should interest you

If you’re like me and spend a whole lot of time on the Internet, the term “net neutrality” should not be new to you. If it is, I suggest the video above for a quick summary of its meaning and a discussion of its implications. Once you’re up to speed, let me tell you why you should care about net neutrality.

As it is right now, the Internet treats all data equally: no matter if you’re watching videos on YouTube or read posts of your favorite small-time bloggers, both kinds of data will get to you in the same time. However, once ISP’s get the right to treat data differently, this could very well change. We might end up with an Internet in which ISP’s ask additional fees to use popular services like Netflix or Spotify, while small content creators become part of the “slow-lane” Internet, having a harder time to reach an audience.

You see why this should bother you, no matter if you just enjoy a good movie night with your favorite streaming site or are a content creator like my fellow bloggers and I. If you live in Europe, you don’t have to worry just yet: Brussels voted for net neutrality in early April. If you live in the States, however, let the FCC know how you feel about this and fight for net neutrality.