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Geek Jitsu – top three annoying people at the gym

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Working out is fun. Really, believe me, it is! Once you get into the groove of living healthy and sweating like a beast, you will agree with me. What is also fun is the fact that you can do it together with other people. You can go to the gym with your best friend, sign up for a martial arts course with your brother, or go running with your mother! Sports connect people on a different level, and once you experience that yourself you will see how powerful the bond forged with blood, sweat and tears is.

However, not all the people you meet during your workouts are fun. Some of them are just a little bit annoying, others are a royal pain in the ass. In this edition of Geek Jitsu, I want to share my top three of most annoying people you can meet during your workouts. Bask in the annoyance I share with you, and be wary of these people!


Geek Jitsu – about vanity and being magnificent

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Alright, gals and guys, it’s time to get serious. Geek Jitsu is not just about getting physically fit, but also about what’s going on in all your heads. And lately, I see that a lot of disturbing stuff is going on in the heads of some people. Of course, the Internet is full of sick things, but every time I stumble across anything that reminds me of the focus on good looks and really weird beauty standards, I feel a certain kind of rage in my belly. That’s why I want to talk about the topic of vanity with you, and share with you my view on the importance of following beauty trends.


Geek Jitsu – why you should give self-defense a try

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“krav maga” by pcsiqueira

Another Wednesday, another edition of Geek Jitsu! Welcome back, fit and healthy geeks of the Internet! So far, we talked a lot about the physical and mental aspects of fitness and health, but this week, I want to focus on something somewhat different: self-defense. As you know, I’m an avid fan of martial arts, and whenever someone gives me the opportunity to talk about it, I will gladly ramble on for more than an hour. Often, the conversation will head towards the topic of self-defense, the cousin of martial arts. Opinions about the practicality and use of the different self-defense system differ, but I believe that everyone should know a few techniques. Why? Well, read on and you’ll find out!


Geek Jitsu – that pain

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I hope that by now, I have motivated a few of my readers to get their butts away from their consoles and into the world of health and fitness. I warned you about many different things during your quest to level-up your physical stats, but I forgot one, minor little thing. If you started exercising by now, I want to offer my sincere apologies for not telling you about this downside to fitness. If you’re still a lazy bum, consider yourself scolded and read on, for I will tell you about the horror of…SORE MUSCLES!


Geek Jitsu – three things I did wrong when I started running

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Last week, my housemates decided to buy some new shoes and start running. I was really happy when I heard this, because I fully support their endeavours when it comes to healthy living. Seeing their new, shiny shoes and hearing them talk about their running plans brought my mind to a few years ago, when I went running for the first time. I was excited, energetic and ambitious, and I remember that my first round of probably just two kilometres was extremely exhaustic. I also remember that I made some newbie mistakes, which I would not want my housemates (or anyone) to repeat. That’s why I dedicate this week’s installment of Geek Jitsu to the three things I did wrong when I started running!


Geek Jitsu – how I roll

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“Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Logo Design” by MinohKim

So, after giving you some really basic tips and food for thought in previous installments of Geek Jitsu, I feel like it’s time to share something more personal and dear to me: the sport that keeps me healthy. In one of the very first articles of this column, I told you that you should find a way of exercise that is fun and challenging, and the poison I picked is the gentle art known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In this week’s Geek Jitsu, I’ll tell you what it’s about, what keeps me fascinated and why you should find a gym close to you.


Geek Jitsu – a word on supplements

When I ordered a new load of protein bars and powder this morning, an awful truth hit me totally unprepared: there are so many people out there that have a completely skewed view on nutritional supplements. This cannot stand, so I’m dedicating this week’s Geek Jitsu to them, including what they are and why they could help you!