Angels & Demons – it’s not about good or evil, but about right and wrong

“Demon VS Angel” by JoeSlucher

WARNING: The following post uses stories, creatures and terminology from real-world religion. People who are easily offended might avoid this post. The author does not intend to ridicule any religion more than it already does itself, but you are hereby warned. 

If you think this post will be about one of Dan Brown’s most popular books, I have to disappoint you. While I do like his works, this tale will be about real angels and demons (as far as there are real ones). Servants of good and evil are an eternal trope of fantasy and fiction in general. Since the day that humanity tells stories about gods and deities, it also tells about their semi-divine servants and messengers. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, angels and demons are common envoys of respectively God and the Devil, who epitomise good and evil. It is only logical then that angels and demons are than perceived as the good guys on one side (angels) and the bad guys on the other (demons). However, given the origin of the divide between angels and demons, I believe that the conflict between them is more one of who is morally right and who is wrong.  Leave your bibles at home, ’cause we’re in for a metaphysical essay without the religious dressing!