Quality never dies

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Some weekends just turn out to be really awesome in a really special way. Sometimes, you just sit at home all bored out of your mind, and then a friend saves you by taking you to this really cool party. Other weekends become the stuff of legends because you go on a totally unexpected trip to the beach. This weekend, however, became grand because I had all the time in the world to sit behind my computer and play strategy games. Civilization V consumed most of my time today, but what kept me busy on a lazy Saturday was the recently released HD, polished and shiny version of Age of Empires 2. Is an RTS from ’97 still fun? Well, of course, ’cause it’s goddamn Age of Empires 2!


Actual Play: Courage – Chapter I

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Our feline shapeshifter is back in chapter one of our Exalted Actual Play! Though the play might not be so actual anymore, it’s still fun to read it again after all this time and sharing it with you. In this chapter, we get to know one of Courage’s closest friends, the businessman and all-round good guy Five-Coins Yvor. So, what are you waiting for? Click below to read the five pages of the first chapter.

Courage – Chapter 1

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