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Strange Sunday – highlighting the special

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Yesterday, my group and I played a one-shot-turned-into-a-two-shot of Dungeon World, using our Industrial Revolution Roman Empire with space dragons idea. Dungeon World is a pretty awesome game, and judging by the tweets I unleashed during play, I enjoyed it more than I can actually describe. However, on my way back home yesterday night, I thought about how this really special background we had made up didn’t feel all that special. Sure, the player characters had stumbled upon steam-powered mining operations in the Alps while serving a toga-wearing Roman named Maximus Gracchus, and they even fought a dragon, but it didn’t feel like anything but your standard fantasy world. Is that typical?


Tweeting Dungeon World

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“Owlbear” by Kyle Ferrin

Last Sunday, I told you about how my crew and I were brewing up a nice little setting for a Dungeon World one-shot. Well, we’ll be playing today, and you can watch it live!

Alright, you can’t exactly watch it, but starting tonight at about 18:30 GMT+1, I’ll be tweeting about what’s going on at the game. Before that, you’ll also hear about the character creation and crazy talk my group and I have around the table.

So, if you want to see what it’s like to have me as a GM, follow my tweets over here, and bathe in the madness that is about to be unleashed. Really, you will probably never ever see another game where the Roman Empire, the Industrial Revolution and space dragons meet each other.

Twitter’s the place to be, and I’ll be happy to hear from you there or right here in the comments.

Game on!

Strange Sunday – Roman steampunk and other genre mash-ups

“WWII roman steampunk” by Robbiekooljive

I’m lucky enough to be running my first game of Dungeon World next week, with two people that have made this hobby such a blast for me. As a preparation for the session, I have asked my two players to share some ideas for the setting and “feel” of the world, and after stating that I would like to see some kind of Industrial Revolution and drunken dwarves, while shunning the conflict of technology versus nature and evil orcs, my players shared with me their ideas. The final result is both wicked and challenging: our game of DW will take place in an industrialised Roman Empire, fighting a war against both the barbarians at the gates and a race of space dragons, coming from fallen stars that have ravaged a great part of the world.

Yeah, let me claim copyright on that idea right there, ’cause even Hollywood couldn’t think of that!