Geek Jitsu – compiling a handbook

I just counted them: there’s more than twenty of them! What did I count? Well, the number of Geek Jitsu posts on this blog! It’s already something, huh?

Anyway, since I like to have an overview and I have the feeling I’ve covered the most important, basic elements of a healthy lifestyle, I think it’s time to compile the information of these first twenty-something posts into one neat little eBook. That’s right, I hereby announce the creation of Geek Jitsu – The healthy nerd’s handbook. It won’t just be a compilation of the things I’ve already said though. I will do my best to fit the elementary aspects of starting to live healthy into a nice, structured narrative, so you can use it as a good starting point to a healthier life. , the number of Geek Jitsu posts that can be found on this blog! I’ve been at it for a while now, trying to inform all you geeks, nerds and part-time dragonslayers about how to live healthier. If you are one of the few dragonslayers reading this, my number one advice to you is that living healthier starts with finding a much safer job. If you’re a geek like me, all the tips and tricks found in Geek Jitsu will do just fine for you.

Even though I have quite some material to work with, I’m still tinkering with the table of contents. That’s where you fancy chaps come in. Anything you would like to see in a guide for the beginning healthy geek? A certain focus you would like it to have? Hit me up in the comments below, and I see how I can fit it in!