Who is the Chindividual?
The Chindividual is a gamer, geek and philantropist who likes to share his opinions and experiences with the world. Having spent most of his youth rolling dice and saving digital worlds, the Chindividual considers himself somewhat of an expert on the field of role-playing games, video games in general and everything the general public labels “geeky”.

Next to being your run-off-the-mill nerd, the Chindividual loves to hone his body and martial arts skills several times a week, and just can’t stop advising other geeks who want to live more healthy.

Last but not least, the Chindividual finds corgis fascinating, thinks that salads are a main course and wouldn’t survive a day without coffee.

What can be found on this site?
On this little site, readers can find a collection of articles and opinion pieces about role-playing games, video games and general geek culture. The Chindividual reviews, comments, critices and praises what he can find, and then writes about it so you can review, comment, criticise or praise it.

How can I contact the Chindividual?
If you have the need to contact the Chindividual about anything, feel free to send him an e-mail. Also, he can be found on Twitter.

I found some art of mine on this site, and I’m not okay with it being used here.
The Chindividual is alright with that. Just contact him on one of the addresses mentioned above, and everything can be arranged!


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