Month: December 2014

Bloggy XMas – Day 19: the Christmas spirit and MMO’s

Guys and gals, believe me when I tell you that the spirit of Christmas is possessing me. Not in a bad, Exorcist-y way that makes me spin my head around and cover priests with my green barf, but in a cheerful and festive way. It’s only five more days until Christmas Eve, the time when my family and I will stuff ourselves with delicious food, discuss world politics over a glass of great wine and make fun of my obvious lack of any real-life crafting skills.

…Christmas is fun!

Anyway, I hope all of you are also feeling the Christmas vibe, especially since most of our favorite MMO’s are throwing it right in our faces. Though not every holiday event is as creative as the other (simply slapping Christmas hats and some mistletoe on everything in-game doesn’t make it a holiday event. God.), you cannot outrun the Christmas vibe in Azeroth, Tyria or any other digital world. Hopefully, this will bring players of all these games into a festive mood, willing to share the gift of love this season and-

Wait, did I just get kicked from my dungeon group because we wiped a single time?

Did that Rogue just whisper me, cursing me in some teenage language because I didn’t keep him alive while he was AFK’ing in the flames?

Does that tank only have twenty-four hours left to live, or why is he rushing us through this dungeon like he still has to finish a bucket list?

Oh boy, the materialistic, capitalist side of Christmas might have found a place in every MMORPG (“Just grind these mobs for eight hours a day and you might get that reindeer mount. Stop complaining, and obey the powers of the free MMO market!”) but the actual soul and heart of the season cannot be found anyway.

Let me then use this post of Bloggy Xmas to call upon you, my fellow gamers, and urge you to embrace the spirit of Christmas. Remember, behind that keyboard is another human being, and all we want in our brief existences on this planet is to be loved. Yes, that Rogue might spell like he was taught by Chewbacca, but give him a virtual pat on the shoulder when he shows that he knows his class. Yes, that tank might be pulling mobs faster than Sony surrenders to terrorist threats, but why not ask him politely to slow down? And yes, you might have the urge to kick your healer from your party because you wiped a single time and that is CERTAINLY that damn healer’s fautl, but…think straight for a minute and realise you were the moron to pull three additional packs of mobs while trying to tank with one hand because you really wanted that last Pringle in the can.

You jerk.

Embrace the spirit of the season, fellower gamers, and don’t drink and LFG! Merry Christmas!