My PS4 – a tale of terror.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my Twitter the last three weeks, you might have noticed some Dutch tweets I directed towards the Playstation Customer Service. These tweets are the result of a nightmare I’m experiencing right now, concerning the repair of my PS4 and the fact that today, more than one-and-a-half months later, I have not received a working PS4.

Let’s rewind the clocks a bit, to 12 June 2014. After several crashes, I had to admit to myself that my PS4 was a lost cause. After a call with the (very helpful and polite) Customer Service, I received the necessary documentation to send in my PS4 for repair. However, as I checked the documents, I found an error in my address. I talked once more with the Customer Service, and the charming guy at the other end promised me that the change in address had been processed. Once my PS4 would arrive at their repair center, it would take 3 to 5 days before I would hold it in my arms again. I handed the package over to the mailman, and waited.

Days went by, and after receiving a confirmation about the arrival of my package, I hoped to see my beloved black piece of gaming goodness soon. Alas, two weeks went by without a package, so I felt forced to call the Customer Service once more. To my great dismay, the kind lady had to tell me that the package had been delivered to a non-existing address, and was thus in some “mail limbo”. It would take two more weeks of calling Customer Service everyday and bitching & moaning on social media, until the head of Customer Service contacted me directly. He admitted that the package had been lost, but a new PS4 was on its way. Would this bring an end to my waiting?

It would not. After releasing my new PS4 from its box yesterday, I had to discover that it was a DOA: a dead on arrival. My phone call with the Customer Service was filled with emotions, but in the end, the result was the same as at the start of this horrifying tale: I have to send this one back as well, but the guy from the Customer Service promised me that I would receive a brand-new one for real this time.

The anger I felt yesterday has subsided, but this mess of an experience has taken all my faith in Sony’s repair and customer service. Should my next PS4 break down as well, I should consider sticking to my PC for gaming. 


  1. Sometimes a series of unlucky events happen in succession and this seems to be one of those instances. I too was a victim of, not one, but two faulty PS4 consoles. However my local shopkeeper was very efficient and changed it for me every single time. Hope this issue is resolved soon for you. Once it is add me on PSN (Avaloner)

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