How ArcheAge made me play Guild Wars 2 again

My mind works in strange ways. Yesterday, while waiting for the washing machine to finish and browsing my favorite gaming sites, I was reminded of the fact that Trion is bringing ArcheAge to the west. This makes my tingle with joy, especially knowing that the company is offering different “Founder packs” to get into the alpha. I’m all about getting into a game earlier than the unwashed masses, so I went and checked them out. Alpha access…the thought of that made me wild. Would I already be knees-deep in ArcheAge this weekend? Would I already see what all the fuss is about, sailing my own ship and tending my own farm?

I would…had I spent €140.

Okay, €140 is a lot. Really, I have friends who would kill me if I told them I just spent €140 on goddamn video game. Then again, it’s my money. I really want the game, and I get a lot for it once the game goes live. I should treat myself to something nice in awhile, and it’s not like I spend outrageous amounts of money on so many other things. So why I don’t just go and–

“No!” yelled my conscious, and I stopped in my tracks. That voice in my head talked some sense into me: Saturday afternoon boredom and the need of something new and “shiny” made me not see the madness of paying for an alpha, let alone paying that much for one. I sighed, agreeing with my conscious while browsing away from ArcheAge’s site and tempting Founder packs.

I still wanted to do something new. Well, at least something semi-new. Then it hit me: that white-and-red icon on my desktop, shaped like a dragon, roaring at me. Guild Wars 2 was still on my machine. Why had I abandoned it again? I could not remember, for I had only written positive things about it and told all my friends to join me. But had any of them joined me? Well yeah, my loyal girlfriend did, but even my oldest friend had not ventured into Tyria yet. Was that the reason I had abandoned the game? Would I have to drag my friends into it?

Then it popped up on my Facebook stream: Guild Wars 2, 50% off! This was a sign! Faster than a fern hound, I bought a copy for my buddy Dee, told him to give it a spin, and the rest is history. By now, we’re playing a smashing Sylvari duo, burning and shooting all the threats while enjoying the game.

lorellis and naseeb


For me, it’s a welcome return to Tyria, while Dee is also slowly getting into it. I’m glad my conscious had a word with me, and I’m glad that I get to show this fantastic game to such a good friend. ArcheAge, I bet you’re a ton of fun, but we’ll meet later. If you’re really good, you’ll still get those €140. Eventually.


  1. I played open beta of AA recently and I have to say, I am dissappointed. They really got me hyped about the game. Yet after a couple of hours the game presented a major flaw for me: grind. One would think that after GW2 introduced a less annoying ways to level your character, newer games would pick the idea and improve on it. AA brought me back to my Aion times when at level cap you had to kill more than 60 creatures to complete a quest. Boooooring. Maybe GW2 gets boring at level cap, I dunno, but atm I enjoy it very much.

  2. I had a similar experience. Playing around in AA made me miss GW2, so I re-installed it. None of my friends joined me in GW2, but mant of them are playing AA. I enjoy playing both games for different reasons.

  3. I’ve recently found out about the game from my girlfriend’s brother. Somehow I resemble the story. Yet again, I simply can’t feel the need to play ArcheAge that much as I did when I got Guild Wars 2 for the first time. Maybe I am in a bad mood for playing it, or maybe it simply didn’t impress me that much. I’ve always liked a sandbox type of game, still I can’t really compare the games so much.
    Guild Wars 2 has many more memory’s, I am in a Roleplaying community as well and I am still close even if I stopped playing it for almost 2 moths. I don’t think I could ever like ArcheAge as much as I like Guild Wars 2.

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