How random do you like your pinata?


The recent pre-expansion patch for Diablo 3 changed a lot of things. Next to already teasing us with the presence of the Crusader in the character creation screen, the patch has also taken the liberty of changing how loot works, making the loot tables “smarter”. Instead of filling your bags with a lot of stuff you will just sell to your newest vendor or smash to pieces on the blacksmith’s forge, monsters and treasure chests now hold less, but more relevant loot. Shortly after the patch, players reported how quickly they could get a hold on upgrades to their existing loot, and even a legendary item here and there. Belghast wrote a nice post about this, so why don’t you hop over to his place before I just repeat what he already said?

While I agree that the pre-expansion patch is a blessing for Diablo 3, the changes to the looting system got me thinking: is “smart loot” in the interest of a hack-and-slay RPG? Being raised on Diablo 2, part of the fun was getting that one killer item after sifting through mountains of vendor trash. Getting your digital fingers on that one weapon you needed for your character felt like you won the lottery (which you did, in a way). While smart loot tables certainly help in gearing your toons, do they not rob the game or even the genre of a part of its appeal?

Personally, I don’t mind. As much as I like hitting pinatas, I certainly like knowing that at least some of the candy falling out of it has a flavor I like. When making time in my busy schedule for a game of Diablo 3, I like to know that the hour or two I can invest is invested well. Then again, I didn’t have a real “Oooh, shiny”-moment since the patch. Even the sight of legendaries gets boring after a while…

What do you think, dear readers? Do you like your pinatas filled with randomness, or do you prefer that someone thinks about what they put in them? Let me hear your voices!

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