The Chin’s opinion about the PS4 in bullet points


Okay, okay, I know what I said. I know I told you guys I wouldn’t jump on the next-gen bandwagon so fast. I know how I wrote about my launch issues paranoia and the lack of titles, and I still support everything I said. However, when the opportunity to get one arose (and trust me, it’s pretty hard right now to get one in Europe without having to wait for a month), I grabbed my purse, threw some money at the console and am now the proud owner of a PS4, two controllers and two games. Well, am I really a proud owner? Well…

To answer that question: yes, I am a proud owner. So far, the Playstation 4 has not disappointed me. It runs, has no weird issues and does what it’s supposed to do: empower me to play games alone and with my friends. Those are my personal prerequisites for a good console, but my standards are pretty low regarding those things. I mean, compared to my standards for things like food they are still pretty high, but that’s another story. So, what if you demand more than me for your gaming pleasure? Well, to get you informed as quick as possible (so you have more time to run to the store to get a PS4…or not), here are my likes and dislikes as bullet points!

What the Chin likes about the PS4:

  • The design of the console is slick and simple. I can’t imagine a living room environment where this black diamond would not fit. It’s elegant and attractive, worthy of a place underneath your TV.
  • The UI of the PS4 is also nice. While reminding you of the PS3 UI, it integrates the oh so popular tile display into it, making it easy to find whatever you need.
  • The fact that you can hop into this UI anytime is just awesome. While you’re in the middle of sneaking around in Assassin’s Creed 4, you can press the PS button on your controller, check if your friend is already ready for a round of Warframe, download the newest patch for that, and switch right back into Assassin’s Creed 4 without losing any progress. It’s smooth, swift and well…awesome!
  • Finally, the PS4 does not want to hook itself to all your other media. From what I heard, the Xbox One really wants to present itself as the heart of all your living room devices: it wants access to your TV, media library and more. The PS4, on the other hand, gives you some of those options, but doesn’t shove them into your face. If you want to, you can just use the console for its intended purpose: gaming. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate this. I don’t want my gaming device to serve as some semi-optimal all-round solution. I just want it to play games, and leave it at that.

What the Chin dislikes about the PS4:

  • Alright, this will be somewhat of an unfair point given the short time the console is available, but I’m still gonna say it: the lack of launch titles is depressing. There are not enough exclusives, let alone titles made for this generation to demonstrate the raw power of the PS4. Though games like Injustice and Assassin’s Creed 4 look gorgeous on this console, they don’t show me what this black beauty is capable of. Where are your best horses, Sony?
  • I’m not a fan of paying for a PSN subscription to play online. Sure, Microsoft has been doing that for a while now, but why did Sony have to join in? Not that the subscription is that expensive, but it’s still cold, hard money…
  • While the general design of the PS4 controller is awesome and a vast improvement compared to the PS3 piece, it feels like the battery life of them is rather short. Gaming for a few hours already drains the little devices, forcing you to attach them to the pretty short USB cable. It’s a minor inconvenience, but still a striking one.

So there you have it, four likes against three dislikes. Of course, all of this is rather subjective, but if it helps you in your decision to fetch or wait a bit for a PS4, it’s worth it. I’ll be heading back to stab some people in the Carribean or throwing Superman through the Batcave. If you guys have anything to say about my first impression or the PS4 in general, hit me up in the comments!


  1. Nice review. I kinda fell off after PS2 but I’ve kept an eye out for all the updates. The PS4 sounds like a dream come true but for me a vast library of decent games and adaptable controllers would be my major likes. Anything else is just er…aesthetics. I own a Nintendo Wii now purely for fitness reasons =)

  2. Great post and analysis of the PS4 :).

    I don’t have either of the two yet, and probably won’t for the foreseeable future. I’d definitely pick the PS4 of the two if I had to though, so nice to read your thoughts on it now that you’ve settled down with it.

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