My favorite songs of 2013

“Music” by an-izzle

You pretty guys and gals know about the things I love: pretending I’m a troll in a fictional world, pretending I’m a vampire in another fictional world and pretending I’m good at martial arts in the real world. What you might not know is that I also love music. Not making it, mind you, since I’m as rhythmic as a stiff corpse. Listening it, however, is one of the things I enjoy every day. When I’m on my bike on my way to work, my earbuds fill my mind with sounds. When I’m busy writing for this blog, music creates an inspiring backdrop. Also, I think there’s a song for every major event in my life. Needless to say, 2013 has brought me a truckload of new songs, and since Listmas has begun in my time zone, let me present you my five favorite songs of 2013 in no particular order.

A Day To Remember – Right Back At It Again

ADTR is one of those bands I’ve only discovered recently, but since I heard their song “All I Want” for the first time, they’ve been a part of my playlist. Their newest album with this masterpiece on it has been no different. ADTR makes straightforward, powerful rock with interesting lyrics. “Right Back At It Again” is just damn inspirational: no matter what the world tells you, it’s you who has to show them what you’re worth and be right back at it again. With their powerful instruments and lead voice, ADTR sure knows how to get me right back at it again.

Rise Against – Lanterns

Technically, “Lanterns” isn’t from 2013, but since it’s been re-released on Rise Against’s B-Side compilation “Long Forgotten Songs”, I don’t mind putting it into this list. Rise Against has been a musical companion since my late high school days, and I just can’t stop listening to them. To me, “Lanterns” sounds like a superhero’s anthem, a song about a man not afraid to raise his illuminating lantern in the face of unending darkness. A man who inspires his followers to do the same, since we all have that beacon that can purge away the threats around us. Rise Against, I’ll surely raise my lantern.

Jamie Cullum – Take Me Out (Of Myself)

Let’s jump from powerful punk and rock to a master of chilltastic jazz and piano music: Jamie Cullum. His album “Momentum” is one piece of epic awesomeness, and though I love many songs from it, “Take Me Out (Of Myself)” is an anthem for revitalizing hedonism and friendship I just can’t get out of my head. This is a song for those people who just drag you through those unforgettable Saturday nights, filled with booze and stupidity. In a way, it’s a song that takes you back to more innocent times, where your life wasn’t filled with responsibilities. Jamie Cullum tells you to find that one who can take you out of yourself, and just get high again for one more night. No need to tell me, mister Cullum.

Frank Turner – The Way I Tend To Be

Just like ADTR, I discovered Frank Turner just recently and been listening to his stuff since then. His album “Tape Deck Heart” released this year, along with the single release “The Way I Tend To Be”. This song is a melancholic song to those who had an impact on your life they might not be aware of. It’s about those people who have stumbled into your life, left a huge impression with their bare presence, and just left without a word. However, something simple like the scent of a perfume can bring those people back, if just in your memory and for a split second. Frank Turner, thanks for reminding me of these people, who made us the way we tend to be.

Fall Out Boy – The Phoenix

Alright, enough of that melancholy, let’s top this list off with a powerful song by one of those bands my puberty would’ve been nothing without: Fall Out Boy. “The Phoenix” is exactly what it says on the tin: a song for those who rise from the ashes of their own failures, just to burn brighter than ever before. This is the perfect song for one of those cheesy training montages, and I’m not ashamed to say that this song gets me hyped up to go out for a good workout. Let’s rise like a goddamn phoenix!


  1. This is the sort of list that is near and dear to me: I love discovering new music through other people. I’ll have to give these bands a solid listen while I’m writing my next list!

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