The Chindividual celebrates: my favorite posts of 2013

Tomorrow, this blog turns one. I’ve already started the celebrations for that in two previous posts, but before we kick off the festivities with a little giveaway come tomorrow, I’d like to take one last chance to look back on my favorite posts from the past year. Since the launch of this blog, I’ve publicized almost 200 posts of varying quality. Of course, I’m not the person to judge how good my own creations are, but I do have the right to have favorites. These favorites are the articles I’ve enjoyed writing because of their topic or content. I narrowed the list down to three, so here are my top three favorite posts of The Chindividual’s first year!

Number 3: Why I hate Elves (posted on 12 January 2013)
Yes, I still despise Elves in general, and this post really expressed everything I hate about those pointy-eared suckers. What’s up with their utter perfection and superiority? Can’t we have more Elves like those in Dragon Age? Nevertheless, this post goes into the details of my hatred, and re-reading it confirms that I still hate Elves.

Number 2: The three coolest boss encounters of my life (posted on 29 January 2013)
I love making lists (as this post proofs), and in the past year I’ve made a lot of them. My favorite though is this post, sharing my feelings about the coolest bosses in my gaming life. After reading it, I feel like extending it with a few encounters, but the number one spot would still be held by Moldorm. Can anyone confirm he’s in A Link Between Worlds? If yes, I’ll be buying that game faster than that running kid from that town in A Link to the Past!

Number 1: The one that got away (posted on 10 July 2013)
Imagine the following scenario: I’m just done writing this post, and I decide to put it on the Internet. It was already night, so I went to bed and had some sleep. The next morning, I get up, get dressed and get to work. Everything seems normal, nothing’s wrong…until my phone starts vibrating like crazy. I look at it, and see that my girlfriend has spammed me with texts. I read them, and see that she is furious, yet also relieved about the content of the above post. For a moment, she thought that I had written a few hundred words about some ex-girlfriend I still had feelings for. The moment she discovered what that post was really about, she had the urge to both hug and kick me. Of course, I could do nothing more but smile, being awfully pleased with my trolling skills.

So that’s my top three posts of the past year. Come back tomorrow for the final birthday post and the giveaway! What will it be? Well, only the stars know that…


  1. This is an excellent list, sir. Grats again on your milestone! Mayhaps there are a few more quality lists you’d like to toss into the hat in less than a week?

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