The Chindividual celebrates: a few numbers

Gosh, it’s been a rough week at work so far, but one of the things that keeps me running is the fact that this blog will be one year old come Sunday! Since I can’t share cake, beer and pizza with you through the Internet, I’ll be sharing some cool prizes with you instead. What are those prizes? Well, I won’t tell you just yet, but you’ll be bound to enjoy them!

This post, however, will be about numbers. Ever since starting this blog, I’ve always asked myself how you can measure the success of your posts through numbers. Eventually, I learned that paying too much attention to those numbers only gets you worried about nothing. I’m not trying to feed me and my loved ones with this site, so why worry about how many people drop by? Still, I find the numbers interesting to look at, and I would like to share a few of them with you. Maybe you can compare them to your own, maybe you get scared by them because algebra traumatized you, or maybe you just see them as a veiled bragging attempt. You decide.

  • In the past year, The Chindividual has been viewed 9.101 times. That’s no unique hits. I know there are sites out there that get those views within hours, but I’m still proud to attract so many hits.
  • The vast majority of those hits come from the USA (4.232), followed by the United Kingdom (805), Canada (497) and my home country the Netherlands (462). Even combined, the hits from European countries can’t beat the Americans. Thanks for all the love, visitors from the other side of the Great Pond!
  • Most visitors dropped by in October (1.149), probably due to the awesome powers of the Newbie Blogger Initiative.
  • The most read posts of the first year are “How Jaime Lannister got on my good side” (763), “Why Dungeon World fascinates me” (267) and “Geek Jitsu – how I roll” (252). However, most hits still go to the homepage in general.
  • Finally, I was able to garner 168 followers on WordPress and 100 on Twitter.

These might be small numbers for some, but they are really big ones for me. Thanks for supporting me, and let’s hope these numbers are even bigger next year!



  1. holy shit.. i only just broke 100 followers today. impart your wisdom on me oh wise one

    also remind me later on to write a game of thrones post..dem brings in the big views

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