Why I’m not getting a Playstation 4 at launch

playstation 4

As usual, Europe experienced its launch of the Playstation 4 today, about a week after its launch in the States. Also, as usual, shops could barely keep up with the demand, leaving many fans of the next generation with empty hands. Sony is of course doing their best to fulfill everyone’s wish for that little black box, and I’m sure that during the Christmas days most of Europe’s die-hard gamers can enjoy the console. As much as I’m interested in that little piece of technology, I haven’t even tried getting a pre-order. Not because I’m a quarter pessimist (the rest of me is carefully optimistic), but because I have reasons. Yes, I have very serious reasons.

Okay, they’re not that serious, but that doesn’t matter. First of all, I’m paranoid regarding launch problems. Yeah, I’ve heard of the issues many PS4’s are already having, so I feel confirmed in my belief that no hardware is launched without problems. When it comes to something like a console, I don’t want to be a part of the “beta crowd”. I want my baby to work right out of the box, without any red rings or blue rays of death. You people just have fun with your testing devices, I’ll wait for the batch that won’t give up on me.

Next to that, I simply do not care for any title so far. Since Watch Dogs has been delayed until next year and The Division is also still on the horizon, the only titles I’m mildly interested in to play are current-generation ports like Battlefield 4. Yeah, Knack has been getting some good reviews, but that just isn’t enough to reel me in. How about you present me a PS4-only title that will be out before Christmas, and I might review this argument, hmkay?

Next to those two reasons, I’m just generally careful with large purchases like a new console. Before I sink €400 into a gaming device, I want to know for sure that I’ll get some mileage out of it. I want to know that it will work and that I’ll have cool games to play on it. In a way, this brings together my previous two arguments, supporting my careful stance towards purchasing a PS4.

But hey, that’s just me. Some of you guys are probably already busy admiring the next generation of visual power, and I would love to here from you. Should I man up and just get a PS4 as soon as they are re-stocked, or do you think that I’m doing the right thing? Hit me up in the comments!


  1. It’s a reasonable approach that makes sense. Yes, there will be issues and bugs, yes it’s a lot of money and if you’re not pushed on any of the release titles, then why bother? There’s a temptation just to put your hands on it because it’s shiny and new and it’s the latest thing everyone is talking about (I succumbed and got an Xbone myself) but you’ll get just as much enjoyment out of it as anyone else who got one on release day. Perhaps even more because you’ll have waited for a game you’re really excited about, not to mention that any kinks will be ironed out.

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