Weekly Wrap-Up: Pacific Power Rangers

Sunday is a nice and calm day, so why not make it nicer with a little wrap-up of what has been happening in the life of the Chin, the blogosphere and geekdom in general? Below, you’ll find all of that, but first check out the awesome video above. Combining Pacific Rim and Power Rangers is just like combining peanut butter and chocolate: they were meant to be together.

News from the Chin:

  • In anticipation of Warlords of Draenor I’ve been busy getting my Troll Monk Umaru up to maximum level. He’s at 74 now, and I hope to be through Northrend before next weekend. Sounds easy, but keep in mind I don’t have that many hours a week available to game.
  • Talking about next weekend: I’ll be taking a break from it all and visit Riga, Latvia with my man-friends. Sightseeing, beer and horrenduous jokes…I’m looking forward to it.
  • There was this NaNoWriMo thing as well…have to look into that.

Around the blogosphere:

  • Started to read the excellent Alt: ernative blog by the Godmother of Faffing. Right now, she’s organizing a contest about the release date of Warlords. If you want to win a fancy shirt, give it a guess!
  • Crystal has a cool post about being cool in the gaming community over at her blog.
  • Thought I was the only one writing motivational posts? Well, you’re wrong! Kojitmal has a great piece of motivation for all you NaNo’s out there!

The week in geek:

  • I know I have quite a few amateur programmers and armchair game designers among my readers, so the following piece of news is for you. PlayIR is currently running an IndieGogo campaign for the interesting-looking product. If you would like to be able to develop little mobile games with almost no coding and/or programming skills, make sure to visit their website or back their campaign. Products like these are great entrances into the world of game design and should thus get our support!

That’s it for this week. Have a nice and easy Sunday!

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