NaNoWriMo: preparing for the madness

Hey kids, September’s almost over! You know what that means? Yes, October is almost upon us! And you know what that means? It’s almost November! November, the month of pre-Christmas madness, transitional shitty weather and, most importantly…NaNofrickingWriMo!

Last year, I participated in this month-long write-a-thon, blindly writing a story of at least 50,000 words. The end result, a sci-fi supernatural action story dubbed “Warlox” is still haunting my Google Drive, I haven’t done anything with, but the fact I got myself to write more than 50,000 worth in just four weeks is something I’m really proud of. This year, though, I want to raise the bar. This year, I’ll do this right. I won’t just blindly rush into the jungle that is writing. I will draw my map, set my course towards a firm plot, and fight my way through the constricting vines of plotholes, the dangerous Mary-Sue-Beasts, all the way to the hidden shrine of that total word count.

The best thing about this? You’ll be coming along on the trip.

Throughout October, I’ll be posting a post a week about my preparation progress. Once November comes along and we’ll commence the writing exercise, I’ll be keeping you updated about my progress. Perhaps an excerpt here and there, no?

And that’s not all! Once November has gone, I’ll be using December for proof-reading, editing and getting rid of the kinks. And you, my dear readers, will be my proofreaders.

Why all of this effort? Well, I feel like I have to up the ante for myself. Yeah, I wrote a story of 50,000 words last year, but so what? It’s just catching digital dust. This year, I want to create something worse sharing, worth showing others. If I can turn it into a series of interesting blog posts, why shouldn’t I?

Anyway, go prepare your bags and tell your friends you’ll be gone for some time. Should they ask you where you’re heading, turn dramatically towards them and whisper: “Adventure, my friend. Adventure.”

Chin out!


  1. Aww yiss nanowrimo! I have already been challenged to write a steampunk novel, which in itself already a challenge. We should all get together again and do writing frenzy parties or something.

  2. I’ve been debating participating in nanwrimo this year. I have lots of ideas for books floating around in my head… maybe it’s time to get at least one of them down on paper!

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