When should or shouldn’t you play Guild Wars 2?

guild wars 2 charr starter

Just give him a few more levels and he’ll be a lean, mean, killing machine

After lamenting about not finding a new MMO home earlier this week, I decided to give Guild Wars 2 another try. What followed was a quick and awesome ride on my new Charr Elementalist, before I killed my gaming rig during a harmless RAM replacement procedure. Guees it was just my mainboard’s time to go to hardware Valhalla, but fortunately I had some savings in my piggybank to get me a nice little upgrade out of it. So yeah, now I can enjoy Tyria in its (almost) full visual glory!

After a few more hours in-game, I started to analyze my gaming experience. That’s nothing special, it’s what we gaming bloggers do. Naturally, I’ve come up with a few things I like about GW2, and a few I don’t. However, instead of just telling you what’s good and what’s bad, I’d rather tell you what kind of gamer you should be if you want to give GW2 a try, and when you should save your cash and spend it on something else. Like, for example, chocolate. I heard that many people enjoy that!

You should buy GW2 when you…
…like dynamic gameplay. GW2 is all about a dynamic experience. Yes, there’s linear progression through levels and unlocking skills, but most of the content is dynamic. Dynamic events pop up while you’re out doing your thing, your level is dynamically adjusted if you hang out in low-level zones or go into PvP, and you will feel quite dynamic after all this dynamic stuff. Sure, many players have their own “to-do-lists” for their gaming session. I like to first get my daily achievements done before I do something else, but due to the dynamic nature of the game, I often find myself doing something completely unexpected. If you’re all about the unexpected and ever-changing, you’ll feel right at home!

…like to explore. GW2 is all about going off the trodded path. The game even rewards you for doing that! Next to finding the marked vistas and locations, you might stumble into a jumping puzzle! Also, GW2 is the perfect game to just “enjoy the view”. If you don’t mind stopping your slaughtering for a moment, so you can see the sunset, you will be pleased by this game.

…like the art style. I’m not easily impressed by visuals and aesthetics, but I want to give a shout-out to all the people who contributed to the look and feel of Tyria. I’m not just talking about the in-game graphics, but also about the style of the menus and the music. Jeremy Soule is a demi-god of video game music, and it goes to show in this game. If you feel the same about this, why aren’t you hanging out in this living artwork yet?

guild wars 2 sky ship

And this isn’t even on maximum settings…

You shouldn’t buy GW 2 if you…
…don’t like checklists. I’ll admit it: the whole daily / monthly achievements thingy is nothing but a glorified checklist. Add to that the checklists coming with living content and other stuff, and you might feel like you’re out doing groceries, checking off the things you have in your cart. Though GW2 doesn’t have a traditional quest log, their achievement system certainly feels like one. I can understand if that turns you off.

…actually enjoy linear gameplay. There’s nothing wrong with preferring the old-school style of leveling your way zone-through-zone, all the way up to the endgame. If you enjoy that, well, enjoy it! However, you might not like GW2’s style then, so better think twice before you dive in.

…just like to pay subscription fees. Hey, do with your money whatever you want. I know that 15 bucks buy me a week of groceries, so I know what I’d rather do with mine.

I hope this little overview helped you out if you’re still on the fence. Otherwise, just shoot me your comment in the (you guessed it) comments below. I’ll be off to Ascalon again. There’s some people there who just won’t stay dead…

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