The one that got away

When you’re halfway through your twenties and you had a wine or beer too many, you start thinking about everything in life. Your table at the pub turns into a Greek acropolis, where you and your drunken mates have gathered to discuss philosophy and the choices one makes when growing up. The liquor has given every one of you mental agility, leaping from topic to topic. Sooner or later, your congregation of shot-drinking and pint-swallowing wannabe toga-wearers comes to the one topic every man only discusses when a) having consumed enough Heineken and b) when surrounded by mates who have had an equal or higher amount of alcohol. It’s a topic that has us facing our worst decisions. It’s talking about the one that got away.

I remember mine. Man, she was perfect. At least, the first time I saw her. All the other guys said: “Chinster, she’s been in town for quite a while, but only attracts the weird dudes. Y’know, the one who think calculus is fun”. I never thought calculus was fun, but I certainly thought she was fun. So I went over to her. We talked for a while, and she told me what she was about. She was really into space. She told me about how she would love to visit far away worlds, flying her own spaceship with all she needs. As we stared into the night sky, naming our favorite constellations, she told me about how she thought a future society in the stars would look like. I was all ears, and while she just talked about interstellar trading lanes and warp drives, I was marvelled by the vista provided by the stars above and her looks next to me.

The problem was that when I met her, I was still a boy, and she was already a real woman. She had depth and complications. While I just wanted to watch the stars and talk about science-fiction, she wanted me to get involved in all kinds of complicated matters. You see, she had this whole group of friends who were also really into her, but in a platonic way. They met every evening to talk about their ideas of a future society in space, and they had some really complicated thoughts going on. They mapped out entire systems, and even had pretend wars over them. It was crazy! While I just talked about how cool it would be to fly a spaceship, they wanted to know what I thought about a trading route between their fictional star system A and B. I didn’t care about trading and politics, I wanted to talk about how we shoot each other up in our cool spaceships!

Needless to say, the relationship didn’t last long. She made everything far too complicated, though when I look back at it, she had everything I wanted: great looks and so much depth. Don’t get me wrong, I had many after her, and I’m glad to have the one I have now, but it still feels like she’s the one that got away because frankly, I was just a boy, while everything she provided was meant for true men.

Her name? Eve. EVE Online. She will forever be my MMO that got away…


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