Being a fan of fans

“Fangirl Vision” by pie1313

Fans (by which I mean the people who adore certain things, rather than the metal devices I bless these days for keeping me cold) are something I love to observe. This sounds weird (and it probably is), but studying the behavior of people who belong to one or multiple fandoms should be a science in itself. Fanology sounds catchy, so let’s go with that.

To clarify my fascination with fans, you must know that I can be a really enthusiastic man (trust me, if I love something, you’ll know), but for some reason I lack the capability of being a real fan. What do I mean when I say “real fan”? Well, let me tell you about living with a few girls who are all really awesome and stuff, but who all have the capability of “fanning hard” (gosh, that sounds wrong) when it comes to their fandoms. They are the kind of people who are up-to-date about when the next book from their favourite author is published, who discuss the last episode of their beloved show in depth on all social media and who turn into drooling and mindless teenagers when they see certain actors. They show honest and deep love for whatever they…well, love, and don’t mind if the world finds them strange for that. Watching them is a pure delight, as these highly-educated women use their vast mental capabilities to dissect shows like Supernatural or Hannibal, while getting all pumped about a tweet from some presumably hot actor.

And you know what? I love them for that. I’m a fan of them because of that. Not just of those girls I used to live with, but of fans in general. These die-hard fanboys and fangirls are both fascinating and disturbing, and this stark contrast just begs to be observed. Different fandoms are social structures on themselves, but no matter if you geek out about Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or some elf dude who had fifteen seconds of screen time in The Hobbit, certain elements can be found in each and every fandom. Though the thing they love might be different, the way they love is the same, and it’s always curious to observe.

Yeah, I might never be as big a fan as some of those people, but I will always be a big fan of all you fans out there! Though you scare me from time to time and have me question my faith in the intellect of my generation, I do understand that all you do is out of love. And what is born from love, often gives birth to love…even if that love is expressed in really gross Yaoi fanfic featuring My Little Pony and one of those guys from Merlin.

Oh fandoms, you never cease to amaze and disgust at the same time.

With (cautious) admiration,

the Chindividual


  1. You`re getting a like mostly for that picture of a shirtless Joe Dempsie. You lost me at that point for a moment. *dabs bleeding nose*

    Also、as a Merlin fan, I would like to point out that I do NOT want to know if there is crossover slash fic of MLP/random-Merlin-dude. Was that just one of your random ideas or did you actually see that somewhere??

    I do agree that a lot of fans can be very scary. I mean, all the actual “I believe in Sherlock” messages everywhere after season 2 ended were really slightly beyond scary. A lot of Twilight fans are terrifying per definition. But the Harry Potter fandom is currently collecting money for charity in name of J.K. Rowling`s birthday, which I think is a really awesome use of fandom. And the Hannibal fandom is REALLY ridiculously good at picking the show apart, which I absolutely love. So both yey and nay for fandom.

    1. Maybe it’s just the two extremes love can give birth two: utmost devotion and mind-bending obsession. Since fandom is love, it should not be surprising that you’ll meet both sides of the coin.

      Then again, when fans are scary, they are REALLY scary!

  2. I totally agree with you.
    Watching someone be passionate about something is undeniably interesting, to say nothing of watching someone jump up and down and babble unconsolably about something. I’m a fangirl myself, so I see it a lot. And I think I enjoy it more than I should.

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