Still alive

Moving is serious business, and I’m glad I’m safe and sound in my new place. The only damage I took was a cut from ruining my blender, but for the rest I’m all nice and well. Next to starting living in my new place, I also had my first day at my new job. Starting out in a new job always feels like being an intern again: you have no clue of what the eff is going on, and every time you walk over to a colleague or superior to ask something, you feel like your question will be one of those stupid, eye-rolling annoyances no one wants to put up with. Still, I like the atmosphere in the office so far, and the fact that it’s just a fifteen minutes walk from my new home is also a big plus.

Anyway, considering that I’m slowly settling in and getting used to my new routine, my posting and update behavior will also return to what you’re used to. Who knows, maybe I’ll do something crazy like vlogs in the future. No one knows, but what I know for sure that I look forward to writing again for this blog, and I look even more forward to you reading, commenting and discussing what I put up here.

Thank you for dropping by, I haven’t forgotten about all of you!


The Chin


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