A nice day for a Red Wedding


Gosh! Freaking finally! Though I haven’t seen the last five episodes of this season, judging by the madness in my Facebook and Twitter feed, the Red Wedding has finally happened in Game of Thrones. Damn, am I happy that it has finally happened! Don’t get me wrong, I still want to punch Martin in his round, bouncy belly for killing off a slew of cool characters in a single scene, but I can finally talk with the non-readers about this dramatic event.

It’s a strange thing, to watch the “moving pictures”-version of a book you’ve already read, knowing what doom is waiting around the corner for characters you really like. I have to admit that I’m often the person in the room who hasn’t read the book the movie / show is based on, so it feels nice to be the one who saw all of this coming. On the other hand, I still have to keep my yapper shut about crueler and worse things to come, though one of them is actually quite pleasant…in a morbid way.

I have to give it to Martin though. No other writer I know is capable of making people love an entire family of characters, while also setting them up for their own deaths. Where most writers are very hesitant when it comes to killing of the “loved ones”, Martin is willing to end their literal lives when it makes the story better. Personally, I think that the Red Wedding is a critical dose of spice the third book / season needed, and after I was done crying like a baby, I saluted Martin for the sacrifices he’s willing to make.

Anyway, return to mourning the lives lost during the Red Wedding, but know that George R.R. Martin will surely have another favourite character’s death waiting for you. You have been warned.


  1. I just happily jumped on to watching Game of Thrones. Only into season one but I love it so far. I will have to read this too but watching is more convenient at the moment.

  2. I have watched all the GoT episodes, and am incredibly frustrated with Martin. It seems to me that he uses killing characters as a crutch to “improve” the story, when all it ended up doing for me was really pissing me off. Why did I invest so much time in those characters and the Stark v. Lannister story line? Now, all that is left of that theme is Arya, who can’t do much by herself. I really cared about those characters, and nobody cared about the Freys. A battle at Casterly Rock would have been much more epic, and advanced the Stark v. Lannister storyline a lot farther. Now it’s almost dead.

    I have decided to read more than the first book, though, even though it might just end up making me dislike Martin even more. We’ll see how it goes.

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