An award? For me?

I don’t always get awards, but when I do, they come from awesome people like Cheeese Toastie! 

A few days ago, Sam Leung a.k.a. Cheeese Toastie gave a few fellow bloggers and me the Sunshine Blogger Award, a reward that travels the Internet to acknowledge bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. Thank you very much for that acknowledgement, but as with many of these awards, I’m obliged to do a few things before I shelve it in my digital home.

  • I have to use the award logo in a post or somewhere on this site. Well, uhm…done!
  • I have to include a link back to the person who gave this nice flower to me. Alright, one more time then!
  • I have to offer ten pieces of random information about myself. See the list below for that.
  • I have to nominate ten other bloggers who deserve this nice award. Again, see the list below.
  • And finally, I have to let my nominees know about their nomination

So, let’s get to the ten pieces of random information about myself then. Be prepared to get to know the Chin a little better, Internet!

  1. I used to bite my nails, but these days, I only do that when I’m extremely nervous.
  2. Though spiders scare me, I love to watch documentaries about them. Such grace in the movement of their legs…
  3. I get nervous and annoyed when people have the hiccups.
  4. I like big butts and I cannot lie.
  5. I hate to drive cars, and I only got my license because everyone kept bugging me about it.
  6. I had braces.
  7. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  8. I love to start pointless discussions about the most complicated topics.
  9. I’m pro-choice and a supporter of gay rights.
  10. I love “Ten Things I Hate About You”.

Was that random enough for you? Good. Now, let me pass this on to as many people I can think of. I’m not following that many bloggers, so I can’t pass it on to ten people. Still, these people deserve the Sunshine Blogger Award:

You guys keep on being awesome, and I make sure this blog remains a sunny, inspiring place. Deal?

Thanks again for the award, and keep on blogging!


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