A Marvelous Weekend

marvel heroes roleplaying action cortex

“Marvel Comics presents cvr” by Elde;gado

Next to having too much fun during a birthday party and a Mark Knopfler concert this last weekend, I found a way to make Friday till Sunday even more awesome by squeezing in some Marvelous pastimes. Yes, that’s Marvelous with a capital M, since both of the games I played this weekend use the Marvel universe as their setting. Together with Dee, I explored the rules of Cortex Plus and the Civil War campaign in the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, while I was also able to take a quick look into the final beta weekend of Gazillion’s free-to-play game Marvel Heroes. What’s my opinion about both games? Well, read on to find out.

Let me start with the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, or MHRP for short. The no longer available game by Margaret Weis Games Productions uses an incarnation of the Cortex Plus system to put you into the skin of one of the iconic characters from the Marvel Universe. Both Dee and I were skeptical about the fact that we had to play pre-generated characters, but after a few minutes as Colossus and Human Torch, we really started to dig the game. The great thing about the Cortex Plus rules used in MHRP is that  it rewards players who put their characters into tight spots, thus giving them the means to be badasses later on. Furthermore, the ever-growing Doom Pool is a nice representation of the increasing danger and tension within a storyline. The rules really suit the style of modern Marvel comics, supporting high-octane action as well as personal conflict and drama. The Cortex system is already one of my favourite all-round systems (but you already knew that), and its Plus incarnation might become my go-to system for simple, gritty action.

So that’s what’s been happening around my digital kitchen table, but what has Marvel been giving me in the field of true computer games? Well, Gazillion was so kind to invite players one more time into the beta of Marvel Heroes, an interesting mash-up between Diablo-esque action and many heroes from the Marvel universe. As you enter the game, you pick one of the available heroes and take him through a story full of classic villains and world-spanning conflict. Playing as Iron Man has been really fun, as I could blow up villains with my repulsor blasts while firing missiles at random targets. It plays like you would expect from a Diablo clone, but the fact that you fight as and alongside personalities from all parts of the Marvel Universe gives it a special feeling. The game will be free-to-play, launching June 2, so you have no excuse to not give it a spin!

As you can read, it was a truly Marvelous weekend here, and I think that my fanboy batteries have been fully recharged now. I think that there’s nothing that could- wait! What’s this? Jarvis, put it on screen!

… I’ll be over in the corner enjoying my fandom. Chin out!


  1. Agree about Marvel Heroes, i’ts and awesome game. Public zones and events are great, the only thing it bothered me about that is seeing other heroes exactly like me, I was playing as Miss Marvel and I hated to see other Carol Danvers around, I guess different heroes costumes is to avoid that feeling, but beside that detail the game is really interesting.

    1. Ah yes, running around a zone and being confronted by multiple copies of “your” character is somewhat immersion-breaking. But to be honest, it didn’t distract me too much from the really cool action. Public zone bosses are so much fun!

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