Geek Jitsu – what you can learn from the Avengers

avengers manga art

“The Avengers” by kanapy-art

With Iron Man 3 hitting European cinemas this week, and Thor 2 on the horizon, Marvel is slowly preparing us for the next Avengers movie and the next chapters in their cinematic universe. It’s fantastic to see how the 2012 movie brought together all these cool superheroes, making it one of the most succesful comic book movies ever (if not the most succesful).

Superheroes are of course an inspiration for every Geek Jitsuka (yeah, I got a word now for a geek who practices the art of living healthy), and the Avengers are no different. Fortunately, they can inspire more than just a need to gain a body like Captain America or amass wealth like Iron Man. In this week’s Geek Jitsu, I want to highlight the healthy lessons three of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes teach us when it comes to healthy living.

Iron Man: invest in improvement
Tony Stark is one rich bastard. He has an AI that follows him everywhere he goes, a collection of vintage cars and of course multiple functional Iron Man suits. Next to his genius mind, his wealth and the way he uses it to fight evil is what defines him. Stark is not afraid to spend another million bucks on some improvement to his suits, if it means that it gets him the advantage.

There’s the first Avenger lesson: dare to invest in a healthy life. My economics teacher always used to say that you can’t make a profit without an investment. No matter if it’s time or money, you need to put something into it if you want change. Passion and motivation might be eighty percent of all you need, but the remaining twenty are filled by the investment you are willing to make.

Captain America: be willing to learn new things
When Steve Rogers was woken from his unwilling cryostasis, he found himself in a world so much different from the one he knew. What made it easier for him to adjust was his curiosity and willingness to learn new things. He could have become the grumpy, old veteran who hates everything new, but instead, he embraced the new and is slowly getting used to it.

You should do the same when it comes to changing your lifestyle. Be open for things you don’t know, and try things you’re scared of. Maybe you think that martial arts are “just not your thing”, but why pass up on a free trial class? Maybe you think that a yoghurt diet for a week is something you can’t go through, but why not just give it a try? Opening yourself up to change is essential for your personal growth, so be the change you want to see in the world!

hulk blue

“DS: Hulk” by TheAdrianNelson

Hulk: sometimes, you just gotta let it all out
You know what makes the Hulk great? The fact that he represents unbridled and relentless rage, something that we all have boiling inside of us occasionally. For those who decide to not take the path of least resistance, these feelings of anger and frustration are permanent companions. Change is never easy, and sometimes, you feel like tearing down a wall or yelling your heart out. The Hulk teaches us that those feelings are okay, and should be granted their escape…once in a while.

Really, if you notice how a fury is building up inside you, the worst thing you can do is to ignore it, stashing it away in the depths of your emotional abyss. Sooner or later, that anger will come out in the worst moment. What you should do is find a way to vent the hatred, to let it out of your system in a controlled and healthy way. Maybe you live close to a forest, where you can scream your heart out without disturbing anyone but the squirrels. Or maybe you just like to cry into your pillow, feeling the weight of the world vanishing from your shoulder with every tear dripping from your eyes. No matter how you handle frustration, make sure you handle it well. You might not turn green and bulky, but at least you won’t jump around New York, tearing down skyscrapers.

I hope these unexpected lessons inspire you, and help you further along your path of self-improvement. I’m the Chindividual, and you guys and gals stay healthy!

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