Pimping the Legion

As the release of Dragon’s Maze is drawing near, and I couldn’t get a spot at my local gamestore’s Prerelease (can you see the sadface?), I’ve been having some fun during the weekend tweaking my Boros deck. You can find the tentative decklist right here, and I would love all you Magic lovers to take a look at it and give your feedback. Before you do that, though, here are a few things my deck is about:

  • Like every Boros deck, I want to make good use of the Battalion keyword. I love the mechanic, and I love how it motivates me to attack with as many creatures as possible. Due to that, the majority of my creatures should have it.
  • I’m a sucker for weenie decks, and as you can see in this deck’s mana curve, it peaks out at two mana, and holds only one 4-mana critter. While I’m willing to add bigger creatures, I wouldn’t want them to have a converted mana cost of more than four.
  • The majority of the deck is formed by creatures, but I’m covering them with a selection of other spells. Arrows of Justice offer some form of removal, and so does Mugging. The flexibility of Boros Charm is something I enjoy, so I would love to keep it.
  • Boros Reckoner is in there because it rocks hard. Really hard.
  • But you know who rocks even harder? Frontline Medic!

Knowing that, I can already see some points of improvement. Act of Treason could offer me some early-game Battalion and take care of potential blockers. More Madcap Skills could turn some already annoying creatures into even more annoying creatures, and if I had the luck or money, I would add two more Reckoners and three Frontline Medics.

So, Magic geeks of the blogosphere, hit me hard with your critique and help me improve this deck!


  1. I think the deck looks really solid! I had a few things I thought about suggesting a few things — running all four Muggings, for example, but since I have most of my experience in draft I’m not sure I’m the best at critiquing standard decks. But yours seems really fun to play. The Firemane Avenger can do some work! And obviously the Reckoners can too.

    Oh and about the Paladin — I used its pump ability a lot. It was definitely a more effective attacker when I remembered to attack before tapping any mana. Then my opponent was just scared of its abilities, which is almost just as useful.

    1. The great thing about the Reckoner is how well it plays together with the Frontline Medic. An attack with a Reckoner and the Medic is a win-win situation: if your opponent blocks your (maybe even Madcap Skill’d) Reckoner, he can’t die anyway and you ping away a creature or take a bite out of your opponent’s health. If he doesn’t block, well…goodbye life points!

      Gotta keep that in mind about the Paladin, though. That makes him even cooler 🙂 Thanks for the comment and feedback!

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