Geek Jitsu – three movie speeches that will keep you going

inspiration forward speech

“Moving Forward” by *Kaira27

It seems like motivation is a topic I keep returning to in this column, but there’s a simple reason for that: it’s what will make you succesful in the long run, so I don’t mind spending much time on this theme.

Motivation is something fragile and precious, and we run out of it faster than we expect. A few punches from life, and many of us are on their knees begging for a breather. Nothing wrong with that, we all need to catch our breath once in a while. However, giving up should not be your modus operandi. Your modus operandi should be to wipe off the blood, get back on your feet, and step right back into the arena of life.

Of course, getting that necessary kick for such a deed can be hard, and that’s where this post comes in. In this week’s Geek Jitsu, I’ll share with you my three favourite motivational speeches from three very different movies. Let’s get ourselves some motivational refills!

Batman Begins – Why do we fall?

I’m starting this list with a scene that doesn’t even contain a speech. However, a single line from this brilliant piece from Batman Begins is so powerful that I consider it a motivational speech all in itself. A young Bruce Wayne has fallen down a well, and after his father gets him out and carries him into the house, he explains to his son why we fall. The reasoning is so simple, yet so powerful, that I catch myself quoting it inside my head whenever my motivation leaves me. It’s a simple, yet oh so powerful philosophy.

Rocky Balboa – conversation with his son

We continue this list with another father-son moment, but one with a completely different flavour. I have to admit that I really dislike the Rocky movies. Sylvester Stallone is just so bland that I can’t stand seeing him too much. However, when I was pointed towards this scene several years ago, I was actually impressed by how good Stallone delivers these lines. The things he points out are so clear and so inspiring. It makes you realise that you can’t just go around blaming others for your situation, and that is a strangely motivating thought. Listen closely to this unexpected philosophical moment from the Italian Stallion. You won’t be disappointed!

Any Given Sunday – Inches

Concluding this list is a scene from a movie I haven’t seen yet, but that I’m planning to watch based on this speech alone. Al Pacino is fantastic when it comes to delivering lines with a punch, and he proves that again in this marvelous scene. I don’t know shit about football, but I do know that this speech gives me the energy to go out and kick some ass! Let the whole “inches” thing sink in for a while, because I feel like that is where the power of this speech comes from. The things that make the difference in life are the little ones. Keep that in mind during your next workout. Go for that extra set of push-ups, run that extra mile or go for those extra five minutes. Feel how those inches add up, laying a path in front of you to your eventual victory.

Football’s a game of inches, ladies and gentlemen, and so is the road to a healthy life. See you next week!


  1. One quote that I personally find keeps me going in any situation, not just sports, is Jack Sparrow: “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” Even if there isn`t a particular problem, it does help me think about my attitude towards a situation, and change it.

  2. The “Batman Begins” quote is one of my personal favorites. It’s such a simple concept, but it is so inspirational. Thanks for sharing these! I liked them all. 🙂

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