Geek Jitsu – about vanity and being magnificent

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“mirror” by quangdotca

Alright, gals and guys, it’s time to get serious. Geek Jitsu is not just about getting physically fit, but also about what’s going on in all your heads. And lately, I see that a lot of disturbing stuff is going on in the heads of some people. Of course, the Internet is full of sick things, but every time I stumble across anything that reminds me of the focus on good looks and really weird beauty standards, I feel a certain kind of rage in my belly. That’s why I want to talk about the topic of vanity with you, and share with you my view on the importance of following beauty trends.

The first thing you might ask yourself is: “Chin-dude, aren’t you a guy? What do you care about vanity?” Well, dear reader who asks this question, I might be a dude, but I know what I’m talking about. I’m far from being what is considered “metro”, but I care about my looks. I like to go shopping for new clothes, and a bad hair day can be a real pain for me. I understand and accept the fact that humans are visual mammals. We like to be pleased by what we see. We decorate our warm bodies with jewelry, dye the remnants of our fur in fancy colours, and feint confidence by the way we walk and talk. This is something we as humans do, and our nature dictates it. There’s no escaping that, but we can escape from the madness some of us have succumbed to.

If you dare to, just Google the term “thinspiration”. Be shocked by the things girls and boys do to have that “sexy”, skinny look. When you’re done with that, read a few forum discussions on the topic of “thigh gaps”, or try to get a look behind the beautiful and innocent facade of the gyaru community. It’s not just females, oh no! One-fifth of all anorexia patients is male, and we dudes also follow some weird fashion ideals. Just take a look at the guys of Jersey Shore! I might offend some people when I say this, but these things are just a few examples of the vain madness some people have succumbed to.

Look, I don’t condemn everyone who likes to look good. No, I actually encourage all of you to do your best to look fabulous. Caring about your looks can be like any other hobby: a fun activity that plays a vital role in your life and relieves some of the every-day stress. However, when it starts to harm you both physically and mentally, you should find help.

Fitness and food should be the tools for a healthy life, and a side effect of a healthy life can be a  fine body. However, looking good shouldn’t be your aim. You’re not some puppet that was meant to please the eyes of others. Feel confident in what you wear, and don’t succumb to the absurd Hollywood standards regarding weight or anything else. Can’t get that thigh gap all those J-fashion girls are talking about? Girl, then make the hips  and thighs nature blessed you with look good!


We all have our own ways to be beautiful, so don’t drink the Kool-Aid and rock your healthy body no matter what some Cosmo beauty guide tells you! Take care of your mind and body, and be graceful in your own way. Dress nicely, but don’t feel like your wearing a uniform society has forced upon you. Keep your BMI in check, but don’t put a toothbrush down your throat to get rid off your lunch. Love yourself for what you are, and love others for what they are. Show what you have, and be proud of who you are. Be magnificent!

With that said, I hope that all of you will just take care of your health, and stay away from the vain insanity that has taken hold of our society. I’ll admire you for being you, not for being a bad copy of a Cosmo cover girl.

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