Three MMO’s that I watch carefully

neverwinter wildstar teso the elder scrolls online

Every year, a gazillion new MMO’s are released. Well alright, “a gazillion” might be somewhat of an exaggeration, but it’s a fact that the genre grows every year. One of the reasons for that is that the definition of the term “MMO” gets broader and broader. When even SimCity dares to call itself an MMO, we know we’ve gone too far.

Anyway, with all these titles in the making, there are a few that have piqued my interest. That’s not too hard: the right words and a few nice pictures, and you’ve won me as a customer. However, being disappointed by several games in the past, I have become somewhat…cynical. My enthusiasm is dampened, and I watch the hopes of the future with care. Today, I want to share with you the three games that I have laid my critical gaze upon, and tell you why I have so much hope for them, but also why they could fail big time.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Why it will rock: well, it’s The Elder Scrolls, a franchise so laden with awesomesauce you could cover all of Siberia with it. From early titles like Daggerfall, to recent blockbuster Skyrim, the world of TES is filled with promise. It was about time that someone would have the balls to translate the IP to an online environment, and by virtue of its legacy alone, this game will hit the genre with more than just a “Fus ro dah”!

Why it will fail: probably because the developers fail to translate the charisma and uniqueness of the offline titles into an online environment. Fanboys and critics alike will see how Zenimax has turned the world into nothing but a backdrop for another WoW clone, and after a short lifespan as a F2P title, TESO will be consumed by darkness.

Why it will rock: even though Cryptic has been devoured by Perfect World, I still love the creators of Champions Online. I see their hand in this product, and that gives me reason to have hopes for it. Also, the addition of the Foundry will give every novice DM the possibility to translate his tabletop adventures into a virtual campaign.

Why it will fail: weird class divisions and a rather strange take on the Fourth Edition rules of D&D might be this game’s downfall. Also, the obvious console-esque gameplay and controls will certainly chase away more old-school gamers, and fans of the old Neverwinter Nights will be disappointed by the new and completely different Jewel of the North.

Why it will rock: if you would throw Firefly, cartoony graphics and the hipster gaming term “sandpark” into a blender, you would make a bloody mess out of Nathan Fillion, but you might also get the upcoming MMO WildStar. Claiming to combine both theme park and sandbox elements, WildStar will impress us with a fresh take on mechanics that seem oh so boring.

Why it will fail: chances are high that the “sandpark” thing will just be a theme park with a few gimmicks, and that the actual gameplay will be nothing but WoW in space. We will flame this game to the ground, watch re-runs of Firefly and dream of a good sci-fi MMO.

Well, which MMO’s are on your radar, and why will they fail or succeed? Share your thoughts!


  1. Of the three games you mentioned, the only one I’m following is WILDSTAR. I also think it will fail. The trailers are cute and fun, but the colorful storyline will wear away about a week into the game and we will be left with WoW. Six or eight months after release, NCSoft will turn WILDSTAR into another grindfest like GW2.

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