What’s the Chin been up to?

As I’m preparing to go wild and crazy at a local club tonight, I feel like it’s time for one of these really general posts, in which I tell you about all the little things that I’ve been up to lately, but that don’t really deserve their own post. So, dear readers, what have I been doing? Well, click past the cut, and find out!

First of all, a shout-out to the crew of At the Buzzer for being awesome. If you haven’t checked them out yet, move your digital butt over to their site, listen to their podcast and watch their videos. These guys  (and gal), are laid-back and cool, and they actually make me laugh. That doesn’t sound so impressive, but take it from me that I don’t laugh about everything. Hell, on some days, even Blackadder can’t make me laugh. Terrible, right?

With that said, what have I been doing lately? Well, work has been keeping me busy, and it looks like the next two weeks will be rather stressful and arduous. It’s part of the job, so I won’t complain too much. Luckily, I still have enough spare time to do the things I truly love, which is more than some unlucky people out there have.

I haven’t been gaming this much lately, but when I did, I’ve been exploring DC Universe Online. My siblings gave me an Xbox 360 controller for my birthday last week, and playing DCUO with that is an eye-opening experience. It’s clear to see that this game has been designed for console play, and laying down the law (or injustice if you’re playing a villain) feels seriously badass when doing it with a controller. The game is also surprisingly much fun, even with a free account and any financial investment in the item shop. If you dig DC, if you like action RPG’s and if you like to design your own superhero, give it a shot.

Since we’re on the topic of DC, I’m done watching the first season of Young Justice. It seems like DC is trying to turn me into a fanboy, because if a show about the sidekicks of Batsy, Superman and all the other hot shots can make me pick DC over Marvel, you’re doing something seriously right! I’m impressed by the character development, overarching plot and individual episodes, so kudos to the writers, artists and the entire team. It saddens me that there will be no season 3, especially considering that I find season two really underwhelming, being two episodes into it…

Next to turning into a mind-slave of DC, I haven’t been doing that many geeky things. I played Magic last week, and I’m brewing up some ideas for an Exalted game to play once Ex3 is released, but that’s all not so special. Fortunately, geekiness lies on the horizon, and you will be the first to hear about it.

Chin over and out!

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