Month: February 2013

The Destiny of multi-device games



Just a few hours ago, Bungie announced its much-awaited, rumours-surrounded project simply called Destiny. Going only by the short promotional video on the site and the concept art, I’m drooling like an idiot and having multiple nerdgasms (what, it’s easy to get me started!).

What’s even more interesting than the promotional talk and great artwork, is that short shot in the video. Y’know, the one where we see some kind of Destiny app running on a phone. It shows a character and a short chat with what seems to be another player. Well, my readers, it seems like Destiny will be build up from the ground to be used on multiple devices, which makes me even more excited than that cool looking tank in the picture above.

You see, when it comes to games, I always have the feeling that developers underestimate the possibilities of having access to (parts) of their creation from multiple devices, be it smartphone, browser or the client itself. In recent years, mobile apps like the WoW Armory and RIFT Mobile App have opened up MMORPG’s to your smartphone, and many titles allow access of some functions through your browser. However, I feel like more could be done, and I hope that Destiny will take a step into the right direction.

What I’m hoping for is mostly increased immersion, to be granted ways to dive into the digital world while not actually playing the game. I want to use my lunch break at work to see what’s going on in-game, and possibly have some ways to influence the world from my phone or browser. Of course, to really play the game I should be actually in the game (though…am I not also in the game when using other devices? This is getting philosophical…) but why shouldn’t I be able to see my party’s chat or fork over some credits, so they can buy that turret they need to hold back enemy forces?

Also, access to the game through other media increases immersion by making use of the nature of the medium. If a game is somehow linked to my social media, showing up in my stream and giving me access to the world through my Facebook / Twitter / what-have-you, it becomes a natural part of my daily life. I can’t evade it by simply not launching the client, for it will pop up while I’m checking my brother’s party pictures. It’s everyone’s marketers dream come true: customers can’t flee because the product has been nestled in their daily routine. Devilish!

But well, we’ll see what this suppossedly 10-year long epic will bring us. I will be hear keeping an eye on it, and reserving some MB on my phone’s hard drive for it’s awesome app!

Strange Sunday – highlighting the special

special rpg needs

Yesterday, my group and I played a one-shot-turned-into-a-two-shot of Dungeon World, using our Industrial Revolution Roman Empire with space dragons idea. Dungeon World is a pretty awesome game, and judging by the tweets I unleashed during play, I enjoyed it more than I can actually describe. However, on my way back home yesterday night, I thought about how this really special background we had made up didn’t feel all that special. Sure, the player characters had stumbled upon steam-powered mining operations in the Alps while serving a toga-wearing Roman named Maximus Gracchus, and they even fought a dragon, but it didn’t feel like anything but your standard fantasy world. Is that typical?


Tweeting Dungeon World

dungeon world owl bear

“Owlbear” by Kyle Ferrin

Last Sunday, I told you about how my crew and I were brewing up a nice little setting for a Dungeon World one-shot. Well, we’ll be playing today, and you can watch it live!

Alright, you can’t exactly watch it, but starting tonight at about 18:30 GMT+1, I’ll be tweeting about what’s going on at the game. Before that, you’ll also hear about the character creation and crazy talk my group and I have around the table.

So, if you want to see what it’s like to have me as a GM, follow my tweets over here, and bathe in the madness that is about to be unleashed. Really, you will probably never ever see another game where the Roman Empire, the Industrial Revolution and space dragons meet each other.

Twitter’s the place to be, and I’ll be happy to hear from you there or right here in the comments.

Game on!

Actual Play: Courage – Chapter I

courage logo

Our feline shapeshifter is back in chapter one of our Exalted Actual Play! Though the play might not be so actual anymore, it’s still fun to read it again after all this time and sharing it with you. In this chapter, we get to know one of Courage’s closest friends, the businessman and all-round good guy Five-Coins Yvor. So, what are you waiting for? Click below to read the five pages of the first chapter.

Courage – Chapter 1

If you have any comments or feedback, hit me up in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share this Actual Play with your fellow gamers and friends!

Gender roles in RPG’s, or: bikini witches and action heroes

The above video illustrates one of my main gripes with many games, and sadly also with many RPG’s. I know that games are a place to give shape to our own dreams, and that sexualized versions of the genders are part of that, but…must it be done in such an obnoxious way? Is there no one who dares to challenge the stereotyping of genders, putting them into roles we thought we had escaped when we gave women the right to leave the kitchen?

Or am I just over-reacting? Read on to find out!


Geek Jitsu – You will fail, but that’s okay

Not a really motivating title, right? After talking you through a change in diet, more physical exercise and focusing on your inner will, I’m telling you now that you will fail? “Chin, what’s up with that?” I can hear you ask. Well, I’m telling you what’s up with that. I’m telling you the truth: you WILL fail. It’s inevitable. Sooner or later, it will all come crashing down on you.

And that’s entirely alright. Why? Well, read on…


Puzzling with elementals: a Legend of Fae review

Image found on

Browsing the vast collection of blogs WordPress is hosting can be rewarding. Two days ago, I was just clicking around the millions of posts provided by other users, when I stumbled upon this short post about a game I hadn’t heard of yet, but that looked intriguing. An hour later, I was ten bucks poorer but tons of fun richer, as I delved into Legend of Fae. Wanna know why you should throw your money at this indie game as well? Then read on!