It’s a kind of Magic

mana magic symbols

“Magic the Gathering Mana” by hush66

Last weekend, I did something I should have done a long time ago: for the first time in a few years, I bought and played with Magic cards. I didn’t just buy a few packs and a theme deck, no: I got myself a whole booster box of Gatecrashand Winston Drafted my Saturday night away with my buddy Dee. I had totally forgotten how much fun this game is, and now I’m considering getting back into the game. Should I, or should I not? This article is devoted to my temptation to dive back into this time-consuming, money-devouring game, so why don’t you read further and see what I’m looking for in Magic: the Gathering.

You see, by all standards, Magic is a good game. No matter how often Wizards has changed it (visually and technically) in the last years, at its core, it is stable and just great. It just felt magical (no pun intended) to draft an entirely new set, build a deck from entirely new cards and to still feel so much at home. Even though much has changed over the years, drafting Gatecrash still gave me that warm feeling in my belly, the same one I had when ripping open packs from Urza’s Saga or Tempest. I felt at home, and an added sense of nostalgia made the evening complete. But is Magic really the right game for me?

First of all, if you want to play this game competitively, it will consume both time and money. You will need the experience from organized play, and the cards to survive the tournaments. Fortunately, I’m as competitive as the Dalai Lama on a hunger strike. I do things because I enjoy them, and if I happen to win, that’s nice. If I lose, I will curse my opponent, but I’ll buy him a beer for the next round. I don’t have to play in the Pro Tour or use the best cards in the current meta game. All I want is to have a good time with a simple aggro deck, and that doesn’t cost you that much time and / or money.

Another factor to consider is the amount of players in my vicinity. Do I still have enough people to play with? Back in the days, all my friends played Magic, or at least had a deck lying around. These days, however, it looks different. What is also different though, is the fact is that I’m no longer extremely socially awkward and wouldn’t mind meeting people in local gaming shops. Also, there’s still the Internet, and software like Cockatrice makes finding someone to play with easier than ever before. So yeah, that’s no concern either.

It seems that there is nothing to say against me picking Magic up again. Well, it’s not like I didn’t plan to buy some new sleeves and deckboxes…Wizards, you got yourself a (part-time) player again!

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