Geek Jitsu – You will fail, but that’s okay

Not a really motivating title, right? After talking you through a change in diet, more physical exercise and focusing on your inner will, I’m telling you now that you will fail? “Chin, what’s up with that?” I can hear you ask. Well, I’m telling you what’s up with that. I’m telling you the truth: you WILL fail. It’s inevitable. Sooner or later, it will all come crashing down on you.

And that’s entirely alright. Why? Well, read on…

Look, I want to make one thing really clear about living healthy, while fighting old habits and trying to adjust to the new lifestyle: it’s hard. If it was easy, we would not have an obesity problem in the civilised world, nor would I take the time to talk with you about this. Fighting a lifetime of bad patterns is tough, and sooner or later, you will ask yourself why you’re doing it. Was your lazy, simple lifestyle so bad? Was the doctor exaggerating when he told you that your heart had a hard time keeping your body running? Is it really that bad to break a sweat from climbing two flights of stairs?

I can answer those questions for your, yes, no and yes. But I’m not the voice of reason in your head, which is a bummer, because your personal voice of reason is being silenced by that of the tempting demon of laziness and comfort. I would love to shut him up for you, but I can’t. You will have to tell him that what you’re doing is good for you, no matter how much you have to go through. But many of you won’t be able to do that, and so you will fall back into the pit you were climbing out of.

But that’s okay.

As said so wisely in one of the coolest movies of our time, we fall so we can get back up. We give into temptation to redeem for our sins, and come back stronger. It might sound dramatic, but starting to live healthy after a lifetime of nutritional sin and physical neglect is in some aspects like being a new superhero who decides to fight the evil that has been living in his hometown far too long. He discovers what he is capable of, but is eventually beaten by the big boss, who tells him to go back to his mother and weep. But just like the great hero, you might weep for just a scene, but then you will get your epic training montage. You play the fancy 80’s music, and before you know, you will have your second round. And you will fight.

And you will win. Trust me.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should accept the fact that you will stumble during this quest to live healthier. Yes, you will even fall. But as long as the number of times you get back up is greater than the number of times you fall, everything is alright.

Carry on, dear readers, this Chin believes in you.

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