Puzzling with elementals: a Legend of Fae review

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Browsing the vast collection of blogs WordPress is hosting can be rewarding. Two days ago, I was just clicking around the millions of posts provided by other users, when I stumbled upon this short post about a game I hadn’t heard of yet, but that looked intriguing. An hour later, I was ten bucks poorer but tons of fun richer, as I delved into Legend of Fae. Wanna know why you should throw your money at this indie game as well? Then read on!

Legend of Fae is a little puzzle RPG created by Endless Fluff Games. It’s been released all the way back in 2011, which shows me once again how many nifty indie titles pass me by. Anyway, in LoF, you take the role of Claudia, a girl with a lame leg and a scientist uncle who leaves her only a weird lantern and a few notes at the start of the game. Being the adventurer every protagonist is in a RPG, Claudia takes the strange lantern and goes looking for her foster parent. However, it seems that our brave girl is now able to see Elementals, little incarnations of the classic elements. That comes in handy, as it turns out that all kinds of faeries are starting trouble around the island, and Claudia can use the Elementals to fight them…after she has charged them by playing Bejeweled.

That’s right, you almost forgot that LoF is a puzzle RPG, right? While you fight monsters and move Claudia on the upper half of the screen, the lower half is reserved for a crystal-switching puzzle game. Once you line up three crystals of the same colour, they blow up and fill one of the four Mana gauges (one for every element). As soon as you have enough Mana in one of these meters, an Elemental pops up, which you can then hurl at one of the enemies. In a good old-fashioned rock-paper-scissors-system, each element has a weakness that should be exploited. Throwing your Fire Elemental at a Earth-type enemy will kill it immediately, while throwing an Air Elemental at a Fire-type will just scratch it.

We’ve seen this combination of puzzles and combat before, but LoF executes it very well. Also, the upgrade system that you use in between levels is simple and self-explanatory, and both the story and audiovisual representation is really charming. The difficulty increases slowly, which gives you enough time to learn the ropes (yeah, there’s more to the combat than the rock-paper-scissors mechanic). Personally, this game also scores some nostalgia points, as many of the sound effects remind me of the hundred of hours I’ve spent in RPG Maker 2000.

Overall, Legend of Fae is a really cool puzzle RPG for a really fair price. If you’re looking for a nice distraction to play while waiting for your gaming group or the rest of your raiding team, give it a try. You can either buy it directly from Endless Fluff Games, or get it on Steam!

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