An ode to the Nostalgia Critic

Oh, Nostalgia Critic a.k.a. Doug Walker a.k.a. That Guy With The Glasses a.k.a….okay, can I just call you Critic? That’s a lot easier, and makes the following sound a lot more sincere: Critic, I love you man.

I mean, I love you in a purely straight way. Even if I were gay, that sad excuse for a beard you have going and the cap would be such an enormous turn-off to me. But I love you for the fact that, since this week, you’re back, and you’re bigger, better and more bashing than ever before. Watching your new episode made me realise just how much I missed you, and how you have influenced the way I look at movies and media in general.

You see, Critic, I know you’re just acting. I know that when the camera is off, you drop that tie and shave off that beard (at least I hope so, I wouldn’t wanna be seen in public with that attempt at growing a real beard) and are a pretty reasonable guy. I’ve seen the videos and reviews you made as plain old Doug Walker, and you really know what you’re talking about and know how to phrase that in a way that doesn’t sound derogatory and patronising. That’s a rarity on the Internet, man, and I respect you for that.

But even more important than your ability to deliver critique in a nice and clear way, is your talent to deliver it in an honest and straightforward way when you are the Nostalgia Critic. You dare to point out how stupid movies that are praised by the general audience can be, and you give kudos to those movies that are forgotten and side-lined by the mainstream. Heck, your destructive comments even helped in bringing a second life to a movie that, quite honestly, didn’t deserve it.

In all those years, you have shown me that sharing your emotions about a piece of art is something everyone should do. If we love a movie, we should go out and share our love for it with people. If we hate it, we should voice our dislike, but support it with reasons for our aversion. If we want to, we can all do that in the over-enthusiastic tone of you, Critic. You are an inspiration to not just me, but so many people.

Right, I’m done with praising you now, Critic. I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but if you do: thank you so much for all the laughter and critical thinking you have brought to my life. Stay cynical and honest, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of you.

With tons of respect,

a very grateful Chin

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