Geek Jitsu – The will for willpower

“Green Lantern Corps Poster” by Heartattackjack

It’s Wednesday once again, and you know what that means! Indeed, it’s time for another installment of Geek Jitsu, where I teach my readers the art of staying healthy while staying geeky. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the thing that will keep you going during your drastic change of lifestyle. No, that’s not the protein shakes you’ll be popping or the pictures you will be taking of your ever-shrinking belly, but the same thing that gives Hal Jordan his superpowers: willpower (forget about the damn ring, it’s all a matter of wanting to shoot green beams of power)!

While you can train your body rather easily (at least, in theory), preparing your mind for the task ahead is a bit harder. If you want to live healthy, you will need a healthy mindset and the will to support your lifestyle. To achieve that, you will need to know three things: yourself, your goals and restraint.

Know thyself
The first step in utilising your will for your own benefits is to be honest about yourself. This is harder than you might think, because you have to hold a mirror in front of you and accept all your weaknesses. Being human means being flawed, but we like to forget that. When trying to bolster your will, write down all the bad habits that made your life unhealthy so far: taking the car everywhere, taking two spoons of sugar with your cereals, taking the elevator for just one floor et cetera. Be really, really, really honest here. You don’t have to show the list to anyone but yourself. Once it’s complete, read it over again. Add anything you might have missed out. Then, read it again. Visualise all these flaws, and know they are there. These will be the foes you’ll fight, and it’s always easier to fight an enemy you can see. Don’t worry about how they outnumber you. By the end of this, you will have the superior weapons.

Know thy goals
Now that you know who to fight, you need to know what’s at stake. A mistake many people make is to start living healthy without a goal. Heck, a mistake many people make is to do anything without a goal. A goal keeps us sharp and focused, and that’s what you will need. When changing your life, make sure you know what you’re going for. Do you want to lose ten kilogram? Do you want to run a marathon by this time next year? Write those goals down, and be ambitious. Just like in raiding, there is nothing rewarding about beating an encounter you already outleveled. Aim high, and go for your goals! Your willpower will be bolstered everyone you take down one of these big bosses…

Know restraint
…but don’t be too ambitious, and don’t go too hard. Just like with physical exercise, build up your pace. Don’t aim straight for those 10 kilogram, but try to beat five first. Let your goals grow as you grow, and take a rest once in a while. Even athletes and superheroes have McDonald’s once in a while, especially once they have faced and overcome their greatest challenges.

That’s it for this week, guys and gals. Keep up your pace, and stay healthy!


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