TSWoD – More Anima, more rule hacks and more Fiddles!

Another day, another post about The Secret World of Darkness. In today’s installment, we will take another look at what Anima has to offer for a character, look at some notes about conflicting rules and expand Fiddles’ character sheet. Here we go!

Anima – a little overview and some Merits
Last time, I showed you how Anima will work as a Power Stat and Power Pool. Today, I present you two Merits related to this mystical source: Hidden Anima and Awakened Anima.

Hidden Anima (** or *****)
By perfecting your control over your own source of Anima, you are able to hide your power and seem more normal than you actually are. The two-dot version lowers the character’s Anima rating temporarily by one dot per point of Anima spent when activated. This effect lasts for a day, or until the character would take an action that requires the use of Anima points (except the re-activation of this Merit). For purposes of calculating Anima points, maximum points per turn and the bonus given to Anima sensing rolls, the character uses his temporary, lower Anima rating.

The five-dot version offers a higher degree of Anima control. While its costs and effects are similar to the two-dot version, the character still uses his actual Anima rating for calculation of Anima points and maximum points per turn. Anima sensing rolls receive only the bonus granted by the lower, temporary Anima rating.

Awakened Anima (**)
Prerequisite: Mortal
Some humans are born with a high amount of Anima, or have their inner power awakened through some freak accident. No matter the origin of their endowment, these mortals have an awakened Anima, but are unable to use it to its full extent. Characters with this Merit register as Anima users for people who sense their Anima. However, characters with an awakened Anima but no training in using it are limited in their use of it. They can make no active use of any of the benefits granted by possessing an Anima rating and Anima points. However, their Health is raised by one, and they can heal damage reflexively, but without any control over the process. Regeneration is done subconsciously, and mostly in situations when it ensures the survival of the mortal. The character also has an Unseen Sense for Anima users, but cannot sense Anima on purpose.

The Merits above reflect two ways to use Anima in special ways. Hidden Anima makes it possible for powerful characters to go mostly unnoticed (like Beaumont from the Savage Coast storyline), while Awakened Anima allows players to play characters who have a scent of the supernatural, but nothing more.

Rule hacks – revisiting Sanity and stacking cool stuff
In a previous post, I declared that Reason would replace Morality. The use of Reason, however, implies that the Insanity pool is used. This would conflict with Anima points: while all supernatural powers cost Anima points, they would also increase the Insanity pool when Reason is used as written. I want to point out that Insanity will not be used in TSWoD. The only way to decrease Reason is by actually delving into the maddening, dangerous lore of the secret world, to find powers not meant for mere mortals.

Furthermore, I have taken a closer look at both Second Sight and Mirrors. Both books offer cool ways to make mortal characters a bit more special, but using both books for the same character provides far too much awesome stuff. The following things will be used from the two books concerning additional character options:

  • Skill Tricks from Mirrors
  • Psychic phenomena from Second Sight
  • Low magic from Second Sight

Additionally, I’m pondering what role supernatural powers from other splats (vampires, mages, werewolves et cetera) could play. I’ll get back to that in another post!

Fiddles – Merits and Skill Tricks
In the previous installment, we fleshed out the first part of Fiddles. To conclude this post (and to use some of the material I presented), we will give the Irish fellow some Skill Tricks, Merits and an Anima rating!

Skill Tricks: Occult – Symbolic Intent, Firearms – Trick Shot, Empathy – Sympatico
Merits: Contacts (Illuminati) 2, Status (Illuminati) 1, Resources 1
Anima: 2 (using 3 Merit dots)

Next time, we look at the technical role of secret societies. See you then!

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